Dezhou nuclear carving enthusiast He Chenggang: ice blocks can be free on the fingertips

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He Chenggang show nuclear carved ice mound mound have created access to Olympic mascots data display production tools, the smallest spher mill material, diameter of only 0.01 mm thick moment fix type polishing finished the 2022 Beijing Olympics is picking up, darling, ‘feels dye-in-the-wood mascot ice mound mound is widely spread in the people of the world, in the case of “a pier is hard to find,How to achieve the freedom of ice?Recently, he Chenggang, a nuclear carver in zhuhai, used his carving knife to carve a pair of small and exquisite, vivid nuclear ice blocks and snow rong-rong, realizing the freedom of ice blocks and expressing his inner joy and pride to encourage the Athletes of the Winter Olympics.He Chenggang, 44 years old, is a lover of literature and games. He began to try to make olive stone carving by himself in 2017. With the advantage of his art major in school, he won the gold medal in the network popularity King competition of the best nuclear carver organized by “China Nuclear Carver Artists Association” just after he got involved in the nuclear carving industry.In recent years, it has created more than ten kinds of nuclear carvings, such as zodiac, Buddhism, Taoism, scenery, historical stories and portraits, and the technology is becoming more and more skilled.Every nuclear carving is a challenge to the fingertips, testing not only technology, but also patience.For He, carving olive stones into ice blocks and snow rongrong is a new venture.He Chenggang said that the combination of charmable image, he deliberately chose a relatively round red core to create, determine the raw material, after a series of steps such as design, shaping, rough carving, fine carving, and then grinding, polishing, coloring, in order to present the most perfect details.”The size of the ice blocks is 1.8 to 1.9 centimeters in diameter and 2.5 centimeters in height.Xue Rongrong is 1.8 to 1.9 centimeters in diameter and 2.9 centimeters in height, which is slightly taller than Bing Dwen Dwen. It takes about four or five hours to make a mascot.”As a traditional Chinese folk micro-carving craft, nuclear carving has been included in the second batch of national intangible cultural heritage list.”The Current Winter Olympics are fervent, Chinese athletes are very good results, I just want to through the nuclear carving this hobby, the creation of these two works, will better reflect the Beijing Winter Olympics mascots, for Chinese athletes, while inheriting Chinese traditional culture.He chenggang said.Texas journal melt produced by the media reporters | ri Ya-min sun correspondent | | Wang Liqing audit ri final | Zhu Daijun