The quartet plays three numbers

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The quartet plays three numbers four, two, three.(The answer is not unique, just for reference).Analysis: according to the riddle, the four in the quartet homophonic four, namely the number “4”, heavy is also the meaning of repetition, corresponding to the number “2”, “played” there are “three”, corresponding to the number “3”, therefore, the quartet plays three numbers is 4, 2, 3.I’m hungry. Answer: 526;Mystery: 147;If you stand on your head, it will increase by half — Riddle: 6;I am dead (dozen a number) — Riddle: 546 hungry (dozen a number) — riddle: 282;I miss you — Riddle: 530;Go for a walk (type a number) — Answer: 799.Finally, I would like to share with you a few different riddles: a bare-handed family.(punch a name) — riddle: white;Grazing cattle is forbidden.(play a name) — Riddle: Du Mu;Anger turned to joy.Answer: Yan Hui;Dig the wall and steal the light.(Play a name) — Riddle: Kong Ming;The poor refused to buy a cover.Answer: Liu Bei;The cageling.(Play a name) — Answer: Guan Yu.