After the defeat, the Japanese team coach sent The Chinese women’s football team 11 words, listen to wang Shuang Huang Jianxiang Dong Lu how to say

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Was impressed by the result of the game, each minute, for Li Xiaopeng charge of the team’s fans are still hard to believe, because men face the Vietnam team has conceded three goals, let in on the score of 1-3, although Li Xiaopeng apologized, but before the results appear insignificant, can lose, but you can’t always lose, also can’t meet anyone lose,For the men’s football fans sad, but the women’s football pacified.As lei, Alan and los national wealth, and the men’s soccer, the main body of a human World Cup ahead of schedule, and ShuiQingXia led the Chinese women’s team, also ushered in the Asian cup semi-final game, their opponents are Japanese women’s team, the main king frost accidentally sprained my ankle, substitute due to injury, the first half, 25 minutes, advanced wood grain son a ball, the Chinese team 1-0 temporary backward, Wu Chengshu shot then equalised.The 65th minute, Shui Qingxia coach began to change, Lou Jiahui was replaced by Gao Chen.After that, the two teams played for nearly 15 minutes, but neither team scored again. Coach Shui Qingxia wanted to win 2-1 or even 3-1 as soon as possible, so she substituted Wang for Wu Chengshu. However, in the 105th minute, Riko Uechi scored twice to give Japan a 2-1 lead.In the 118th minute, Wang Shanshan spooked her way in and scored a priceless goal to give China a last-minute 2-2 draw.Two teams after the overtime is 2-2 ping, began to win on penalties, the penalty kick to 5-5, vian standing in front of the ball, run after the right foot shot into again, to help the Chinese team final, at this point, the Chinese women’s team 6-5 out former FIFA women’s World Cup winners Japan, passage to the final, created a miracle for 14 years, this is since 2008,The Chinese women’s football team has reached the Final of the Asian Cup for the first time and will face South Korea in the final on May 6.After the 5-6 defeat, Japanese women’s football team’s head coach Tai Ikeda sent the Chinese women’s football team 11 words: “surprised, lack of main force is still very strong”;Wang Shuang, an injured substitute, wrote: “Sisters cows!You can always trust Chinese women’s football!”;Dong lu said: Women’s football team can be happy to win against Japan, but also calm, aware of the gap, to truly surpass, there is still a long way to go.Huang Jianxiang said: saw the men’s soccer team cried once, saw the women’s soccer team cried once, the men’s soccer team has a little bit of today’s girls fight?Do not blame everyone scold them, there is no contrast, there is no harm, strongly request the football association in accordance with the men’s football twelve strong win a 6 million standard to women’s football bonus!Let everybody down, Chinese football and the frustration of a short period of time will not dissipate, in fact, men have a game to play, I hope at that time, they can go all out to score a goal, best to win the better, the Chinese women’s team and the Japanese women’s football game, let the fans was delicious, especially the players vian, her performance was outstanding, did not live up to the expectations of ShuiQingXia,And completely make up for the wang Frost is not in the problem, Wang Shanshan strength and Wang Frost is about the same, the face of the Japanese women’s football team, Wang Shanshan this field a total of 47 passes, 63.8% of the success rate, at the same time, Wang Shanshan has 2 steals, 1 shot, 1 goal, 4 interceptions, 10 clearance?8 times scramble 6 times success, after the game, Wang Shanshan was named the best, deserved.