Folk tale: a bitter wife annoys me, but a wife rolling up her sleeves is absurd

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As the peacock flies southeast and prowls five miles, the sad and beautiful love story of Jiao Zhongqing and Liu Lanzhi spreads from ancient to modern, moving generations of Chinese people.Liu Lanzhi lifted to qingchi, Jiao Zhongqing hung southeast branch, stabbed the heart of how many people, once young we also shed a few drops of tears for their love, caused the love tragedy heart such as snake jiao mother hate gnash teeth, wounded heart.If the mother-in-law is not good and the daughter-in-law is not filial, how should it be?The following story will tell you something about the trouble between the vixen and the vixen.Do not know that dynasty that generation, surname what name who, only heard that there is a family in the southwest area.This family is neither official zanying family, nor rich landowner Lao CAI.It could be an ordinary family with a few acres of land, a few trees, a cow tied to the tree, a few cottages, chickens and ducks flying about.This family person is single-mouth ding, there is a child in the home, in the past people believe in cheap name easy to raise, let’s call him two dogs, there are two adults one is two dogs his mother, one is two dogs his father.A family of three clear division of labor, two dog dad on weekdays in the field playing with crops, weeheridangwu, sweating grain soil, perhaps idle also play odd jobs subsidies home, improve home life.Two dog mother went to the field to help, male pick dung, female watering, male farming, female weaving, by the way feed the chickens and ducks at home.Ergou was too young to go to school. He could not do heavy work, so he could only push the cattle into field and field, and eat grass. He would go to the river to catch some fish and shrimp.A small family composed of three people, life does not say how rich, but also get by.Spring to autumn, toward the flower evening fall, time like the water in the field, like water in a blink of an eye, two dogs also grew up.Two dogs and two dogs dad played the home of the fields, two dog mother in addition to feeding the chickens and ducks at home also took over the work of two dogs cattle.The cow at home also under the calf, two dog parents will think about the two dogs to find a daughter-in-law, marry a wife baby, after the calf at home to help put.The old couple with the weak candle in the house to discuss half the night, two dog mother trembling from the crack in the wall took out a piece of broken steps, there are a few pieces of silver.Two dog mother carefully from the inside out of some.The couple muttered a little more, then blew out the candles and went to sleep.The second day two dog mother took a good number of silver last night came to the village head matchmaker home, please matchmaker to two dogs say a daughter-in-law.She knocked on the door of the matchmaker’s house, but no one answered. Seeing the door ajar, she pushed it open and went in.Into the door, haven’t seen the Lord, first rang matchmaker at home?Matchmaker smell out, see two dog mother eyes smiling, with a bit of flattery on the face, and then look at two dog mother carrying the egg basket.Matchmaker did not wait for two dog mother to open, the in the mind would have guessed seven or eight points, and to find her matchmaker, this posture she can see more.The matchmaker smiled and greeted two dog mom warmly.Two dog mother and matchmaker into the house to talk about parents, see the heat is almost, then put forward matchmaker to help arrange marriage.Words just export matchmaker face smile convergence many, a face of two dog mother said: “old sister, you don’t know ah, this period of time looking for me to say close to the threshold of my home are fast trampled rotten, the village to marry the girl raking number, good that even less, you see this matter……”Two dog mother naturally understand, took out a few tuo of broken silver from his arms, pulled the matchmaker’s hand gently put her hand, put the egg basket on the ground to push on the table, said with a smile: “This thing is not easy to do, but who does not know your mouth is famous, there is no media, my two dogs also need you to bother.”The matchmaker took the silver received benefits, words also said more pleasing: “two dogs this child I grew up watching, diligent and steadfast, is a good boy, others I dare not guarantee, but two dogs you rest assured, I will give him to find a handsome daughter-in-law.”Things settled, two dog mother and matchmaker one after another laughed and talked to each other out of the gate.The matchmaker took money to receive benefits, work a little bit clear, before the village after the village, run west to ask his employer, there are age-appropriate girl’s home were she ran over, finally in the next village to two dogs found the right.Why does the daughter-in-law always come from the next village?In the same way that good is always in other people’s homes, the girls in the next village are more reassuring.The matchmaker excitedly came to two dog home news, two dog parents heard that the girl is next door village on the same day with two dogs to see daughter-in-law.The girl in the next village is 17 or 18 years old, with a beautiful flower. The parents of two dogs are full of joy when they see it. They want the whole sentence to fit the situation.Two dogs only eighteen honest honest, work is a good hand, the woman’s parents heart is also satisfied.Two young people in private contact, under the bamboo forest and willow, in the field after talking to each other, also feel suitable for each other, this matter is not run away.Small families do not need to predict the bad luck, nor do they need three gifts or six appointments, let alone the red sedan chair, blowing and beating all the way.On a day with a crisp evening breeze and a bright sunset glow, it didn’t look like it was going to rain.Two dogs drove the family cart with some grain, humming a tune, leisurely to the girl’s home.When he came back, the car was carrying the girl and the dowry bedding with the happy character, and he took his wife into the house with a staggering gait.Every family is equally happy with the first day a new wife comes into the house, and the difficult thing always begins on the NTH day.There are many brothers in the family. She is the youngest daughter in the family. Her parents are naturally very fond of her.There were fathers and brothers on top, and mother was the one who did the light work for the family.In that era, the home labor force, earn more, so the two dog daughter-in-law home or some spare money, she lived well in her family, if the division of class her family is also considered rich peasants.The situation of two dogs can be much worse, parents are old, no brothers and sisters to help, home he is a light able-bodied worker, belongs to the poor farmers.According to economic theory, productivity and production time determine output.The two dogs had no labor, so they had to get up early to work in the fields in order to finish all the work during the day and ensure a year’s grain harvest.Two dogs didn’t played a daughter-in-law at home so early, sometimes after get up a little bit late, too late dad do breakfast for two dogs and two dogs, will bring two dog mother’s abuse: “two dogs and his dad to work even after breakfast, you up so late, finish dinner, also do quit, look at someone’s home daughter-in-law more hard-working, look at yourself, and how to beg you such a daughter-in-law in my house.”Two dog mother thinks two dogs married daughter-in-law, the family should be done by daughter-in-law, so she does not help.Two dog daughter-in-law finished eating, two dog mother also let two dog daughter-in-law with the field work, according to the words of two dog mother: “my home to invite you into the door is not to enjoy.Two dog daughter-in-law has not suffered at home, character is also unruly, not like other just entered the door of the daughter-in-law as meek, what the mother-in-law said is what.She answered back and said, “My parents gave birth to me and raised me, not to listen to you. I marry your family as a daughter-in-law, not to sell your family as a servant girl.”Two dog mother listened to this in the heart of two dog daughter-in-law is very dissatisfied, although not to say, hate on the heart.Two dog daughter-in-law see the old woman was said to have no words, the heart is a bit proud.This small quarrel, but also for the next absurd farce buried foreshadowing.One day, Ergou went to help big families in town and earned some money. He passed through the market and bought some meat to improve his family’s food.Back home two dogs put the meat to two dog mother carrying a hoe to the field to help two dog dad work, two dog mother put the meat in the pot after leading cattle out to eat grass.Two dog daughter-in-law with the village women after finishing the sole home is preparing to cook, open the lid of the pot, found there is meat.Two dog daughter-in-law has not eaten meat for a long time, unavoidably greedy, thought from the time to eat early, as their own first get a little to eat, should not be a big deal.In the evening, the sun has set, two dog father and son carrying a hoe home, two dog mother also drove cattle back.Two dog daughter-in-law will do the meal, cooked meat on the table.The family ate a meal, two dog mother found a lot less meat in the pot, the in the mind was suddenly not happy, she thought it must be two dog daughter-in-law stole to eat.Two dog mother suddenly said: “there is a cat at home to steal meat to eat, the meat to steal to eat, if I caught, to her good.”Say that finish eyes also intentionally or unintentionally scan two dog daughter-in-law.Two dog daughter-in-law hear the old woman scold huai of say oneself, also don’t plan to endure on the spot scold back: “who is the cat that steal meat to eat, say clearly, I eat some meat how, eat your home poor, still wear?It’s just meat. I’ll buy you as much meat as you want tomorrow. It’s not like I can’t afford it.”Two dog mother was two dog daughter-in-law so clip gun with stick of the arrangement, the in the mind is not happy, said more ugly: “you steal meat to eat and reason, meat is you buy?Two dog and his father hard a day all didn’t eat, what you don’t do is delicious good drink, no conscience, don’t know your parents is how to educate you, you will not be a man.”Two dog daughter-in-law heard this thoroughly angry with two dog mother at the table quarreled, two dogs and his father saw two people more noisy more fierce, each advised each, finally let them quiet down, the meal did not finish, two dog mother and two dog daughter-in-law on their gas back to the house.Two dog daughter-in-law lying in bed at night think of today two dog mother said he would not be a person, angry can not sleep, such as the rooster crow, then get up.Two dog daughter-in-law came to the kitchen to find out the steamer to wash, find a basin and flour, and then knead the flour into dough, and then knead into a human small flour man, busy two hours knead hundreds of small flour people, just satisfied to stop.Then fetch water, gather firewood, put the small noodle man into the steamer pot began to steam.And so on, two dog mother get up to see two dog daughter-in-law steamed buns in the kitchen, the in the mind is very happy.But when she opened the steamer, she saw that it was filled with large and small faces, lifelike, instantly shocked and angry.Two dog daughter-in-law looked at two dog mother than the bottom of the pot also black face, leisurely mouth said: “the old lady yesterday is not to blame me not to be a person?I’ve worked all night to make you so many people. Do you think I’ve done it right?”Two dog mother looked at the daughter-in-law a face of joking, and then look at the face of the steamer, the eyes of a black was gas faint.