Good night at ten o ‘clock (2022.2.5)! Enjoy a good book and a ray of time…Have you put together the year of the Tiger reading list?

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The Spring Festival is not only a feast of wine, meat, family and friendship, but also a comfort for wandering souls and a rich spiritual world.In between, have you taken advantage of your leisure time to choose a few new books and “dive” into the rich spiritual world of the author?Romain Rolland once said of reading: “If you live with books, you never sigh.”Did you read any books this holiday?On February 2, a children’s reading meeting was held in the Xinhua bookstore tea Garden Road no. 23 store. The lecturer Mo Qiuli is leading children to read the Interesting Chinese Myth: Nine-colored Deer.More than 20 children from 5 to 9 years old and their parents participated in the activity, listening with relish.”More parents are bringing their children to buy books.”Li Li, who has worked at Xinhua Bookstore for 10 years, said that children’s books have always been a best-selling section of the bookstore. This Spring Festival, many schools recommended reading books for primary school students, sold out early.”The reading age is getting younger and younger. Many mothers bring their two – and three-year-old children to buy picture books.”During the festival, people visit bookstores to buy books.As people born in the 1980s and 1990s become parents, they are more enlightened to their children’s reading and accept more diversified forms of books.”Young parents are paying more attention to developing their children’s reading habits.”Mo qiuli also said that more and more parents are willing to accompany their children to read, to increase their knowledge and enhance parent-child relationship.In January this year, Beijing Open Book Information Technology Co LTD released the book Retail Market Report 2021, based on sampling data provided by more than 18,000 online and offline bookstores.Among them, children’s books are still the largest category.This also means that children’s books are most favored by consumers.Is it true that the generation after 70 and 80 have such experiences?In a time when television wasn’t plentiful and smartphones weren’t ubiquitous, there were few things you could do to keep yourself entertained.If you buy a book once, you must read it again and again.The satisfaction of the spiritual world, the pleasure of reading, only oneself know.Now that the generation born in the 1970s, 1980s and even 1990s are parents, their children’s books have been arranged, but what about their own?Citizens clock in at a bookstore during the festival.Nanguo Morning News client reporter Lu Ying photo “I chose a Takagi Naoko” a person to live in the ninth year.”Lin Jing, 40, bought her first book for the Year of the Tiger at sisyphu Bookstore in Mixc City.”Now I don’t like to read books with long paragraphs of text. I like to read comic books or books with many illustrations.”Lin jing recalls the Spring Festival of 2021, when she bought for herself “Manhan Banquet (Mancai)” by Yang Mei and “Serei’s Three-Minute Cartoon History of China” by Sai Lei, both of which are illustrated books.”I’m already very busy with my work. I don’t have a whole block of time to read a thick book. It’s easier to read a book in graphic form.”Lin jing said with a smile, the older I get, the more I read when I was a child. I like to read books with rich pictures.”There is a characteristic of adult reading now that it is becoming more and more ‘fragmented’.”Zhang Xuanwei, deputy retail manager of Guangxi Yonghua Books Co., LTD., a subsidiary of Guangxi Xinhua Bookstore Group, said that busy work and the quickening pace of life have made it impossible for many adults to have a block of reading time, and reading a book often requires them to spend part of each day reading in “fragments”.”So many popular and popular books are being published in short, illustrated editions that are very popular with adult readers.”The increasing number of such books on the market shows that book editors have taken modern reading needs into account.Citizens choose books at a bookstore.Do subtraction for reading, have you sorted out your book list?In fact, each era of book publishing and best-selling books have their own characteristics.In the 1970s, people were most eager for knowledge. In 1977, the college entrance examination was resumed, and Xinhua Bookstore published a Series of Self-taught Books on Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry, helping countless young people realize their college dreams.In the 1980s, the gradual prosperity of the publishing industry brought a feast to the readers at that time, and poetry played a dominant role.In the 1990s, classic works emerged in an endless stream. Even Li Lei and Han Meimei, who appeared in textbooks, are still in the hearts of many people.In the 21st century, the Internet has become a new channel for shopping. All kinds of e-books can be read online, and reading methods have become more diversified…Reading is a very personal thing.What books do you like?What do you want to read?It all depends on personal preference.Reading need to do subtraction, do not need to rigidly stipulate that they must read 100 books this year, in order to show that they are a “reader”, but need to find their own fulcrum, strict selection of reading range, so as to prolong the “reading life”.Your Year of the Tiger reading list, ready?● Win the New Year gift!Besides the New Year’s Eve dinner, what other Spring Festival food do you eat in your hometown?From January 31, The South China Morning Post app will launch the “A Bite of Chinese New Year” contest, inviting you to post your own Chinese New Year food to share the taste of homesickness.You will have a chance to win ctrip gift cards and beautiful New Year gift boxes.At the same time, we also prepared a New Year gift package of Tianlongquan wine for 100 non-local netizens who stayed in Nanning for the Spring Festival.Download nanguo Morning Post App, Spring Festival gift waiting for you to come to the Spring Festival holiday where to play?Good mountains and good water waiting for you!From January 30 to February 6, Nanguo Morning Post and Guangxi Tourism Association prepared a “warm spring gift package” for Internet users.As long as you download the Nanguo Morning Post App and register as a member, you can participate in the lucky Jiugongge lucky draw. 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