Rob China of chip talent?Us chip giant announces decision, Ren Zhengfei is right

2022-06-21 0 By

Under the tight technology blockade in the West, how to solve the chip jam problem has been a topic of concern.Ren zhengfei once said: “It is not enough to invest money in chip development, but also mathematicians and physicists.”The competition of chips and other key technologies, in the final analysis, is the competition of talents.In order to realize the rise of China Core, the domestic market has adopted a two-legged strategy, on the one hand, increase investment layout, special tackle those monopolistic level of equipment and materials;On the other hand, it pays attention to talent training and reserves strength for the future of domestic chips.On the right road, China’s semiconductor chip industry has made great progress in the past two years, according to this development trend, it is bound to quickly break through the western blockade.Unexpectedly, at this critical moment, the United States began to engage in some “unitary moves”. A decision made by Micron, the chip giant of the United States, has attracted extensive attention in China. In many people’s eyes, this is tantamount to stealing Chinese chip talents.Micron, the world’s third-largest memory chip company, has decided to disband its research and development center in Shanghai, which had a team of 150 experts.However, Micron has decided to transfer 40 of its elite Chinese memory chip engineers to the United States, and to do so, it has offered a very generous salary package and special immigrant green cards.On the surface, this seems to be a reflection of Meguiar’s emphasis on talent.However, considering the current situation of China’s memory chip industry, we will find that the problem is far more than that simple.To know, in the increasing popularity of electronic equipment today, DRAM memory chip technology is becoming more and more important, in order to make up for our shortcomings in the field, not only the Yangtze River storage and other established giants in the force, the new domestic storage manufacturers are also increasing the layout, when this, the importance of memory chip experts is self-evident.Meguiar’s at this time choose to transfer the most elite 40 Chinese memory chip engineers, is directed at our weakness, its main purpose is not obviously, as it said to prevent technology leaks, but for in terms of talent pool for our trouble related chip industry, slow rhythm of ice in the domestic market, we have to continue to keep to the height of the American dependence.Although there is no follow-up information about these 40 memory chip experts, but from the previous situation of domestic brain drain, I am afraid this time will not be too optimistic, can have 20% talent left in the domestic market may be quite good results.According to public data, out of every 100 students who go to the United States, more than 80 choose to stay overseas, and less than 20 percent of them return to China.In addition, more than 50% of the semiconductor cutting-edge talents in Silicon Valley of the United States are from China, with a volume of more than 200,000. In contrast, our talent gap in integrated circuits is as high as 400,000!The irony is that the world’s top six chip material experts are all Chinese, which means that most of the pain we are suffering today is probably caused by our own people.The development of domestic science and technology should not be limited to a certain technology, a certain equipment and materials. The more crucial problem lies in how to prevent the brain drain and let the chickens they raise return to their nests to lay eggs.There are many reasons for this situation. For example, Yang Mou Qing, an executive of the domestic PC giant, said that “science and technology have no borders”. How many people and enterprises have been misled by this sentence?Technology itself may be borderless, but the scientists who create these technologies are national, and when the core technology is used by whom, it is full of national brand!Of course, the earlier domestic market chip industry system is not perfect is one of the important reasons for the brain drain, the Internet, real estate, finance and other proportion is too high, resulting in practical talents have no platform to display their talent, can only be forced to find another way out.The good news is that huawei, China Micro and other domestic giants have stepped in one after another. They not only provide enough respect and favorable treatment to top talents, but also cooperate with universities to create a mode of integration of industry and education, so that our talents can directly meet the needs of the industry.Now the country has begun to tilt resources, support the development of semiconductor chip industry, can be foreseen, as long as we keep focusing on the manufacturing industry in the right way of development, the problem of brain drain will be greatly improved, the old United States “rob people” plan is doomed to failure!