Tight leggings only confident little sister just dare to wear, simple but elegant clean not vulgar, add temperament

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Tight leggings only confident little sister just dare to wear, simple but elegant clean not vulgar, add temperament.The collocation of leggings, it is the girl who loves the United States and studies the most headache all the time, or choose inappropriate, or collocation is not good-looking.Share with you below the picture of these classic collocation of the single product, I hope you can learn, from now on their own no longer catch blind.Collocation 1: white shirt + jeans + casual shoes now we look at the collocation of two or three bodies, these two bodies of color similar degree is quite high, but the jacket is like this: the white shirt on casual pants, only matched a cowboy shoes, this way will appear very relaxed, two or three bodies collocation overall feeling is completely different.Match two: coat + leggings, motorcycle boots in the same way, see the daiichi collocation, we can choose a coat not saturated color, a motorcycle boots on collocation, deserve to go up again a beautiful little black trousers, although jacket is fleece, but in the color of the jacket is the deepest, another coat collar do is very high, above clavicle and shoulder, show very spirit.With good-looking motorcycle boots, the overall temperament can be promoted a lot, you can wear a sense of fashion.Collocation 3: coat + pants + leggings + handbag coat looks thin and versatile. If wearing leggings, you can’t go wrong with loose pants.You still need to pay attention to the long legs in autumn and winter. Girls with long legs like it very much. If your legs are not that long, you can wear a tight top with leggings.Legs are not particularly long girls, or try to avoid wearing this kind of tight pants, weak, although the jacket is good-looking, but the shoes are not good-looking, the whole or no fashion sense.Collocation four: coat + small foot pants small foot pants show long legs, collocation small white shoes appear more lively, when the legs are short, choose to match the color similar to the lower body, show the whole will not have vitality.The striped flowered coat is almost the same color as the pants, but it is an unsaturated color, so the overall collocation is very perfect. With this hand-carried bag, the overall collocation is perfect and will not be oppressive.The small white shoe of flat bottom, pure and fresh nature.Like this collocation, blue + black collocation, the whole is very energetic.This kind of color collocation: it is better to match dark black with white. The light stripe collocation of small white shoes is also very perfect, and then matched with a pair of light flat shoes, the overall feeling will not have black bottom or black depression.It looks like the colors are harmonious too.Black tie-in light color, integral administrative levels feeling had, temperament also won’t look so strange.The whole thing looks very harmonious and nice.Shades of gray also look good together, but make sure the top color is clear or it will create visual conflicts.In addition, the coat coat must be consistent with the lower color, a little yellow what looks abrupt, in addition, the upper body has a leather jacket, etc., can only be matched with dark coat.With this one, it goes without saying that dark colors are comfortable with white.Dress stylish, or more recommended this kind of tone.Do not have orange, yellow, wine red and other high saturation color, because it is easy to appear no taste, we usually avoid, try to choose light color, such as white department is better.The collocation of bright colors, generally used in the inside of the coat will be more beautiful, because bright colors have more sense of change, fun.Bright colors: gold, silver, color, etc