Toyota has bowed down and sena has stopped charging more, but I think it’s still overpriced

2022-06-21 0 By

It may be that Elfa’s price increase brought great confidence to Toyota. After GAC Toyota made its own Sena, it also sold it at a higher price. However, the market is cruel.It can also be said that after saina is listed, the “report card” can not make GAC Toyota satisfied.Therefore, GAC Toyota quickly adjusted its strategy, and now the Sena has no price increase, which can also be seen as Toyota’s “bow” : had to bow to the market.But I think it’s still overpriced.The price range of Sena is 309,8-405,800 yuan. What is the level of this price range among the joint venture models at the same level?For comparison, Buick GL8 starts at 232,900 yuan, Mercedes-benz Vito starts at 293,800 yuan, Volkswagen Vito starts at 286,800 yuan, Kia Ka Wah starts at 288,900 yuan, Hyundai Cousteau starts at 169,800 yuan…You will find that Toyota Sena’s price is the highest among these joint venture models. Its pricing itself is very “false”. Will consumers pay for the price increase?Its “bad start” sales are the best answer, which is one of the reasons I think it’s “overpriced.”It doesn’t matter if the price is higher, it’s ok to make up for it with great product power, but can Toyota Sena’s product power be “worth” its price?First of all, the size of sena is 5165*1995*1765mm in length, width and height, and the wheelbase is 3060mm, which is in line with the size requirements of large MPV, but its size is not large, buick GL8 is 5238*1878*1800mm, and the wheelbase is 3088mm.While the Cena is a bit wider than the Buick GL8, it doesn’t have the same length or wheelbase advantage.As a result, its body size is not overwhelming.Interiors, guangzhou Toyota in materials and workmanship are laudable, that is no exception, the interior looks very dignified feeling, the high-end car dashboard and control screen is 12.3 inches, low distribution models into a 4.2 -inch dashboard and 8 inches control screen, you know, equipped with a 12.3 -inch LCD dashboard is a top-of-the-line and top models,One is 379,800 yuan, one is 405,800 yuan, the threshold of the LCD dashboard can not be said not high, and its central console more hard plastic, very hard to feel, although it looks good, but the touch is a minus item, in the configuration is not as good as other joint venture MPV rich.I don’t think sena “deserves” the price, at least in terms of materials and specs.This level of MPV space naturally there is no problem, “the second row of seats and the third row seat legroom is very spacious, 2 + 2 + 3 7 layout design is reasonable, a person can pass between the second row seat” corridor “in the third row, getting very convenient, but it’s the third row seat comfort is very general, thin cushion,Lack of support for the thigh, hard back, do not relax sitting.In terms of power, Sena is equipped with Toyota’s 2.5-L hybrid system. The 2.5-L self-priming engine has a maximum power of 141kW and a maximum torque of 238N·m. The permanent magnet/synchronous motor located between the engine and the gearbox has a maximum power of 134kW and a maximum torque of 270N·m, with a combined power of 183kW.Power output is still very good, THE comprehensive fuel consumption of NEDC is 5.3L/100km, but according to the owner’s reflection, the fuel consumption of the Saina is not low, about 7.7L/100km, not as fuel-efficient as it is advertised, and the engine noise, sound insulation effect is also general.Overall, Toyota Sena can be described as “not worthy of virtue”, the price of another 40,000 more reasonable.