Seeing the post-00s generation crying and fresh, the mission of Watergate Bridge has been accomplished

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There has never been a movie like The Watergate Bridge of Chosin Lake that shows the huge gap between The equipment generation of China and the United States during the war of resistance to the United States and aid to Korea.After watching Watergate Bridge of Jangjin Lake, the biggest feeling is that the war to resist The United States and aid Korea was a collision and confrontation between the world’s most powerful industrial production capacity and the world’s most powerful fighting will, and ultimately the will of steel will win everything!When the War broke out in 1950, the United States had the most powerful military force in the world and a powerful industrial production capacity that overwhelmed any other country. It can be said that no country dared to challenge the United States and wage a war head-on.At that time, the People’s Republic of China had just been founded, with a lot of waste waiting to be flourishing, poor and white, and extremely low industrial production capacity, even lower military industry production capacity.There is a huge generational difference between the Chinese People’s Volunteer Army and the American army in combat equipment and logistics support. The front-line officers and soldiers do not even have enough clothes to keep warm, food to satisfy hunger and ammunition for combat.But our volunteers, with the world’s strongest will to fight, won the victory, which is also the central idea of “The Watergate Bridge of Chosin Lake” to convey to the audience.In the war of resistance to the United States and Aid to Korea, the volunteers have been facing extremely powerful American forces with industrial capabilities that many volunteers at that time could not understand but longed for.At one point in the film, when the seventh Company captured the airport and saw the bombed American helicopter, Yu Congrong said to Wu, “This thing can go straight up and down,” and then added hopefully, “It will be good when we can have this thing.”Wu Qianli firmly replied, “Sooner or later there will be, and must be stronger than them.”This short conversation smacks of a lot of significance.We know that the volunteers in the Battle of Jangjin-ho were famous for “less steel and more gas”, but who wouldn’t want “more steel”?No one felt the importance of “steel more” more than our volunteer military men and women as they confronted enemy aircraft and artillery.On the contrary, the less steel we have, the more we need to fight and win, because only after winning can we have peace, and only after peace can we have development, and only after development can we have more steel.As the instructor Meisheng said, “If we don’t fight this war, our next generation will fight it.We risked our lives so that they would never fight again.”Many veterans of the volunteer army are with this idea to go to the battlefield, although “less steel” but we “gas”, although now “less steel” but won we will have more and more “steel”, this war is the battle of morale!I remember that in a documentary I saw, a veteran of the volunteer army told me that they had retreated from the enemy lines after eating grass root vegetables for six days. He said that what they relied on at that time was their passion and morale, and that strength was really indefatigable.”Watergate Bridge of Chosin Lake” is just a microcosm.It lets countless generations of us see what a group of highly intelligent Chinese volunteers are, who have no path dependence and create all the conditions to complete the task without any advantage.At the same time, they didn’t stop thinking. Although they won many battles with light infantry, they also realized that without industrial power and great technology, victory would be difficult and not lasting.So they are thinking about how to go from “less steel and more gas” to “more gas and more steel”.It is because of their leadership and charge, so that the whole Of China truly understand what is modern logistics, what is modern warfare, what is a strong industrial capacity.So there was a later self-innovation, full development, rushed out, go out.”Watergate Bridge of Jangjin Lake” shows the strong industrial ability of the American army without any reservation, and objectively presents the generational difference between our army and the American army in equipment strength at that time. This objective description is very commendable.Only real presentation can let our future generations learn lessons, do not forget the original aspiration, adhere to the struggle.At the same time, we must be grateful to the volunteers who withstood the artillery fire with iron will, to protect the country, to have China’s peaceful development, lasting peace and stability.Today, our industrial productivity is the highest in the world, our economy is booming and our life is prosperous. All these are the victory of will power and struggle.When I watched “Watergate Bridge of Jangjin Lake”, the audience next to me were all born after 2000. They not only understood it, but also wiped their eyes. After watching it, I heard them discussing the importance of developing industry and science and technology.When we see them, I think the mission of watergate Bridge has been achieved.