I do not know since when, feel the Spring Festival visit relatives more and more boring

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Do you remember what it used to be like to visit your relatives?For people born in the 1950s and 1960s, especially those living in the countryside, the roads in front and back of villages are filled with people wearing new clothes and carrying gift boxes of various sizes to visit relatives.From morning to late afternoon.Because of the traffic at that time, there are three ways to travel, walk, bike, motorcycle, walk through the streets, neighbors and villagers interactive New Year’s Greetings, the crowd on the road is really a scenery.Before the traffic communication is not convenient, a year can not see a few times, see the face is really close, say endless talk!Don’t know since when, feeling the Spring Festival chudn MQN zi is becoming more and more boring, driving a vehicle, a car, milk, biscuits, fruit, edible oil, six walnuts, etc., to a relative, sit down, take a melon seeds, a drink, didn’t even have time to drink a cup of hot tea, say a few words, stand up and go to string two aunts, my uncle’s house and relatives give children red envelopes, don’t don’t,Want to.Hate like this can not a day to finish the door string.Now, except for the traffic flow on the road, the street is empty, and there is no atmosphere of festival crowd. The rural road is also silent. In the rural village, it is rare to see children playing and playing, and only occasionally can we see relatives carrying gift boxes.Now the grand lively Spring Festival only do not start the rest day, I do not know whether we recognize.The fine tradition of the Chinese nation for thousands of years should be carried forward and passed on.Friends and relatives walk each other, greetings, not necessarily heavy gifts, gifts light righteousness heavy!Contact during the Spring Festival, he still can not!Reciprocity!Long do not contact, emotional rest!