All new Roewe i5 novice seconds aging driver

2022-06-24 0 By

The new i5 takes on an entirely new look and is upgraded with 720 degree opening, which makes the novice driver become old in seconds. The fuel consumption is 5.5L and the new i5 enjoys 360 degree ultra hd panoramic image +360 degree intelligent visual safety assistance, which can accompany you to travel safely.From now on, buy the new I5 and enjoy 10 grand gifts: Cash gift: RMB 8000 cash discount service guarantee gift:5 years / 100,000km warranty/lifetime warranty of engine core parts (the above is only for the first family car owner)/(Lifetime free basic flow of Intelligent Networking models) financial gift: up to 50,000 yuan fixed loan partner special gift:Roewe owners recommend to buy this model enjoy 50000APP points/set, recommended to enjoy 20000APP points/set of new I5, six high energy, one step in place.The new Roewe i5 ADAPTS to the upgrading travel demand of young consumers.The whole car driving up the atmosphere is also very relaxed, chassis comfort is also very good performance, is your very good car purchase choice.2022 happy New Year, Roewe send gifts, New Year car welfare attack, a number of models to pick you dazzling, super benefits to get your hands soft, we sincerely invite you and your family to test drive.