I wanted to surprise my girlfriend on Valentine’s Day, but instead…Frighten not light

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The weight loss products with exquisite packaging and excellent ingredients will make people diarrhea more than the original product contains banned ingredients more unexpected is the product from the pet feed processing workshop……Mr Li wants to give cummer a surprise on valentine’s day originally, bought two boxes of fruit and vegetable that is called fine beautiful colour to discharge poison to raise colour piece to send cummer as a gift, who knows cummer to eat hind diarrhoea is more than.In March this year, eight defendants including Qi were sentenced to punishment for producing and selling toxic and harmful food after being prosecuted by the Procuratorate of Rudong County, Jiangsu Province.The picture shows the scene of the trial Of Mr. Li to buy detoxification and beauty pieces from Nanjing Qi couple.It is understood that Qi couple sales of two detoxification beauty tablets, a called fruit edge health, a called fiber beautiful yan, exquisite packaging.For the ingredients of the product, the packaging is expressed as fruit extract, protein, dietary fiber, etc.The two slimming products are widely sold in beauty shops across Jiangsu.However, such exquisite products, sales are very secret, Qi couple in sales to beauty shop owner, especially told: “do not sell on the showcase, to be hidden, can not be detected by the relevant departments.”The weight loss products are mostly bought by beauty lovers who need to lose weight, and some customers even buy them for their children at home.Via checking, since 2014, a couple from party a a place to buy in bulk in tablets and packaging, labels, anti-counterfeiting code, etc., to arrange the employee’s party a b on the lease warehouse in filling, labeling, encapsulation, packing results yuan kang and fine beautiful yan two brands of detoxification beauty products, and through the way such as beauty products exhibition, WeChat friends circle,It is claimed to have the effect of moistening intestines and defecating, detoxification and beauty maintenance, weight loss and other functions.The bulk tablets at party A were ordered from Party A.Gu for many years engaged in cosmetics and weight loss tablets sales.In December 2020, Gu mou in the informed party a after ordering demand, to zhou mou one-time order weight loss tablets 2.6 million tablets.Zhou also found wang reached 2.6 million bulk tablet production agreement, Wang by Xu production.Who can think of, Xu’s working place is located in their own pet feed processing workshop, Xu will zhou provided 300 kilograms of phenolic phthalein raw materials, starch, fragrance and other auxiliary materials mixed with water, with a mold after the production of 2.6 million pieces of bulk tablets, into the wooden barrel after shipment to Gu.The content of phenolphthalein in the tablets ranged from 60.1g/kg to 109g/kg.Phenolphthalein is a kind of irritant laxative, long-term use can damage the intestinal nervous system, for the State Food and Drug Administration has banned additives in food raw materials.After the couple received the tablets through their own filling, labeling and other ways to package, each box to 40 yuan to 80 yuan to sell the price of beauty shop, beauty shop owner to each box 128 yuan to 198 yuan to sell the price of consumers.In January this year, rudong County procuratorate to producers Wang mou, Xu mou, brokers Zhou Mou, Gu Mou, Fang mou a, the seller Qi mou couple and packaging workers Fang Mou b and other eight people suspected of production, sales of toxic and harmful food crime to the court of prosecution.The eight were sentenced to prison terms ranging from one year to 10 years, fined 10,000 yuan to 900,000 yuan each, and banned from food and drug production, sales and related activities during the probation period and three years after the completion of their sentences.The couple’s behavior also infringed on the legitimate rights and health of unspecified consumers, and harmed the public interest of society.The Prosecutor’s office of Rudong County then filed a civil public interest lawsuit attached to the criminal case against Qi and his wife, requiring them to make an apology in the provincial media, issue a consumer warning, and pay three times the sales price as compensation, which was supported by the court.So far, compensation has been paid, and the couple has apologized publicly in provincial media.(Procuratorial Daily by Pan Qian)