I watched the live broadcast of the four of them, I was silent (1)

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Dear old tietian, auspicious year of the Tiger!Hey, guys, since February 2008, we’ve seen four lawyers live.I haven’t seen the live broadcast of the two teachers xu Xin Xiao ‘e, but I have seen the two teachers Xu Xiao in xie Liuqing’s documentary, which is great!Among the professionals related to 28, I have seen the live broadcast of four lawyers, Li, Pan, Fu and Zhou.These four great laws bring us different visual feast.Space is limited, we are divided into two talk about the first course: mistake for life instead of life stealthy Li Sheng live broadcast said “mistake for life can be changed to stealthy life”.The lawyer also used the phrase “unhumanly impossible,” which was somewhat of a play on words, but any fool could tell that he meant that the two children had been changed on purpose.As soon as this phrase appeared, the whole Internet was in an uproar.When Wei called him to ask why he said this, he said “to attract more attention and get more compensation,” and the lawyer later sold the product in the studio.Du’s mother suffered online abuse for more than a year because of one of his words.Complain Li Sheng to Beijing Bar Association.I thought the lawyer was brave, but he chickened out.Quietly deleted 12 videos, the hearing came up with a strong denial, all pushed to Aunt Xu head.The second course: people turn to punishment without asking, this is pan lawyer said.At the beginning, netizens heard that lawyers involved in the Mekong river case intervened in aunt Xu’s an case, that excited ah.Aunt Xu also released her email address, asking people to provide clues to them. In a lawsuit, it is not necessary to fight only when there is evidence, but to come to a conclusion first, and then rush to find evidence.The lawyer proposed that Wei be transferred to prison by the people, and what Aunt Xu said on the Internet that Wei was “living in Henan” was also said to have come from Pan Lv.Pan lawyer in the live broadcast room even Mai Lai eighty thousand, Lai eighty thousand happily said “according to your orders, bracelet we have…”Although the back of the words were interrupted by Pan, netizens also immediately understand, wow, the original full street to find the bracelet from the arrangement of Pan lawyer.This is no wonder why Aunt Xu and her family say they believe in the law of Guanguo and Aifu, but in fact they are always opposite to the law of Guanguo and Aifu.The third course: Dry grandfather Pan Lu became the dry grandfather of wei’s two children.For this, liang shuai has a ratio — some other people’s house is bad, please a repair house master.The house has not been fully repaired. The master is keen on picking up the master’s children from and to school every day, buying food and cooking for the master’s family. Later, he became the father of the children.Many lawyers after an agent, with the parties to maintain good contact, and then become friends or even confidants, there is no need to have nothing to do with the subject of the content frequently posted on the Internet.Fourth course: Public service?The two lawyers in Xu’s mouth are all public interests.As far as I know, after the reform of SIFA, there is no such term as “public interest lawyer”. Lawyers are no longer public officials in the country, and they are generally paid.Families who are struggling can apply for legal aid, and lawyers at the Legal Aid Center will help them fight Guansi. The firm also has several pro bono assignments each year for pro bono legal services.The two lawyers volunteered to fight guansi for Aunt Xu, but the fans didn’t do it. Various groups called on netizens to donate money to Aunt Xu, saying that Aunt Xu was “living a difficult life” and “had no money to Sue”.Two lawyers on the air, and then there’s the Arbrush.Does this have anything to do with Aunt Xu beating Up Guansi?No.Now look, did the people change the sentence?No!Three times no stand, and it’s nothing to do with stealing.At your behest or without your knowledge?Lai eighty thousand with the anchor street looking for a bracelet, lai eighty thousand netizens are what ten thousand signatures real-name “people turn punishment”, line down to hangzhou golden Suzy stores carry things, small seven with the young adults make powder anchor foot may be dipped into wanda house children, older people, really want to know, is directed the two lawyers or unknown two lawyers?Pan said that the court hearing on May 8 was just an appetizer, so the dinner should be September 18 trial, right?The scene of the trial, Panke said little, Li Sheng was talking a lot, he seized the opportunity to turn around the witness, at the end of the long talk ah talk ah, talk so many people ran out of the way to “go to the toilet”.A person engaged in a sacred profession may not be a saint and may not have a strong sense of social responsibility, but at least he has a bottom line, right?Compared with these two lawyers, the other two lawyers are not the same.I’ll talk to you next time.