Pay arrears will be remedied and migrant workers will be allowed to return home with safe “pay”

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A salary, behind is the hope of a family, is a guarantee of life.As the year draws to a close, ensuring that migrant workers are paid in full and on time is a topic of social concern.What the people want, the government wants.In November 2021, a nationwide winter campaign will be launched to eradicate wage arrears.Reporters recently in Shandong, Hunan, Guangdong, Yunnan, Chongqing and other places to investigate the progress of this campaign, how to ensure that workers safely “pay” to return home.Since the launch of the special winter campaign, many localities have paid close attention to key areas such as engineering construction, insisting on early prevention, intervention and resolution, and promoting the speedy establishment and settlement of unpaid pay cases.According to the reporter’s investigation, Jinan city of Shandong province relies on 170 migrant workers “foreman” and 650 grid members to investigate wage payment and hidden dangers of unpaid wages in construction projects.By December 31, 2021, Shandong had inspected 27,079 employers and paid wages and compensation worth 137 million yuan to 24,000 employees, including 15,000 migrant workers.Authorities in Tianxin District, Changsha, Hunan province, have mobilized street and community coordinators to tackle unpaid wages, so far handling 1,074 clues and benefiting more than 800 migrant workers.As a large province of migrant workers, Guangdong has recently focused on inspecting the payment of migrant workers’ wages and the implementation of the wage payment guarantee system for construction projects and labor-intensive enterprises, and supervised the handling of major typical cases of unpaid wages, so as to make sure that if problems are not solved, they will not be written off.At the same time, many localities also urged the government departments involved in farmers and migrant workers to work together to promote the investigation of hidden dangers and the disposal of cases.Various departments in Yunnan jointly issued relevant policies to further standardize and refine the management of migrant workers’ wages and security deposit, define the supervision departments of wages and security deposit, and strive to solve the problem of migrant workers’ unpaid wages in the field of engineering construction.Yunnan also raised 140 million yuan to carry out activities to send warmth to migrant workers and other groups, gave full play to the strength of labor unions, and cooperated with special inspection of wage payment for migrant workers, so as to timely find and resolve hidden dangers of unpaid wages.It is a powerful measure to safeguard the rights and interests of rural migrant workers to severely punish those who fail to pay wages, especially those who fail to pay wages in bad faith.The Supreme People’s Procuratorate has released a number of typical cases to help migrant workers protect their salaries in a nationwide winter campaign to root out wage arrears.Enterprises and projects that have eliminated potential risks should also be reviewed.Chongqing recently launched a review of more than 1,600 unpaid pay cases accepted in 2021 to prevent a recurrence of the problem.”We check the bank payment statements one by one, call back the complainants and make sure the unpaid wages are paid to every migrant worker.”Chongqing labor security supervision team deputy chief zhou Hongyu said.On December 30, 2021, a mediation meeting was held for hours at the Jinan Comprehensive Service Center for migrant workers (migrant workers) to recover 4.2 million yuan in unpaid wages for zeng Weiguo and more than 30 other migrant workers.”Unexpectedly, I got the first batch of 500,000 yuan of unpaid wages the next day, and the developer will pay the rest according to the agreement before the Spring Festival.Visiting the integrated Service center is like visiting my mother s home.Zeng weiguo said.Qiao Xuecheng, director of the migrant worker service department of jinan Public Employment Service Center, said that the comprehensive service center integrates 21 functional departments, such as human resources and social security, housing and construction, and justice, and effectively avoids the problem of migrant workers “running back and forth”.In the special winter campaign to eradicate wage arrears, 23 municipal departments in Chongqing cooperated closely with 117 construction projects under construction to solve the problem of wage arrears for migrant workers.In order to speed up the “green channel” for migrant workers to complain and seek help, Chongqing has established a normal mechanism such as “through train” for workers to report problems.In view of the increasing number of migrant workers’ wage claims in other places in recent years, many localities have continuously strengthened trans-regional linkage and coordination mechanisms to solve the problem of migrant workers’ wage claims in other places.Lao Wei, a migrant worker in Anshun, Guizhou province, was so overjoyed that he rushed to the post office in his town despite the snow and cold.On the envelope, he wrote down the address of guangzhou Federation of Trade Unions like a pupil, and expressed his gratitude with a letter.Earlier, anshun, Guangzhou two places union linkage cooperation, a few days for him to recover unpaid wages.With the help of information technology, mobile rights protection platforms allow workers to protect their rights at home with one click.In Zhongshan city, Guangdong Province, people access the “Fingertip rights protection” platform through the wechat public account of the “Zhongshan People’s Club”, fill in their basic information and specific rights protection matters, and then wait for the result at home.Affected by the epidemic and other factors, some enterprises are under increased operating pressure.To this end, all regions give consideration to the situation and law, adopt flexible working mode.”We will mainly publicize the law, mobilize enterprises in difficulty to raise funds from other channels, and first settle the wages of workers.””Said Xie Minggang, deputy director of the East Branch of the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau in Zhongshan city, Guangdong province.In recent years, as the state and local governments continue to strengthen the governance of the wage arrears of migrant workers, the wage arrears of migrant workers as a whole shows a declining trend.However, in engineering construction and other fields, there are still chaotic phenomena such as construction with advanced funds, illegal subcontracting, sub-contracting at different levels, and dependent contracting, and there are frequent cases of wage arrears.In addition, wage arrears and wage claims are often intertwined with economic disputes, which also brings difficulties to wage arrears.How can we eradicate unpaid wages?Relevant experts believe that the priority is to speed up the establishment of a sound long-term mechanism to create a complete policy loop.Those suspected of refusing to pay labor remuneration shall be promptly transferred to judicial organs for criminal responsibility.Data show that from January to November 2021, the procuratorial organs across the country accepted 2,813 criminal cases of refusing to pay labor remuneration and prosecuted 3,243 people, and recovered about 168 million yuan of unpaid wages through handling the cases, which has played a good deterrent effect.At the same time, it is necessary to promote the formation of a full-process governance mechanism of “prevention in advance, monitoring in the event and handling afterwards”.Professor Wang Zhongwu of shandong university sociology department thinks, each district should carry out relevant safeguard measure completely, if promote salary earnest money, emergency revolving gold, pay guarantee gold and bank acting hair salary system to wait for full coverage, innovate management means, tamp solid root cure owe salary foundation.In addition, the root cure of wage arrears also needs to further improve the information, intelligent means.Wen Feng ‘an, a professor at the Chongqing Academy of Social Sciences, suggested that enterprises should conduct big data monitoring on wage payment, credit, taxation, water and electricity bills, so as to judge the risk of wage arrears and issue an early warning, which can help detect and stop the hidden danger of wage arrears from the source.(Reporter Huang Xing, Su Xiaozhou, Wang Zhi, Huang Hao Yuan, Lin Bi Feng, Xie Ying)