The Origin of the Spring Festival

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Chinese Spring Festival is a lively day and the most important festival for Chinese people. During the Spring Festival, people have a happy reunion.It is customary to light firecrackers in most areas of China during the Spring Festival.Setting off fireworks during the Spring Festival is said to drive away the nian beast. What is the origin of the Spring Festival?One legend a long time ago, there was a monster called years, it often deceives the negative people who live in the mountains in the winter, many people were attacked in the home, become a public nuisance, there are some people who want to get rid of it, there are also some people want to put it away, only a few door hang red drapes, outside the fire, tapping skywarp home without being hurt,People in the mountains have learned three things to be afraid of.When they came again, people used these three things to drive away the big monster. From then on, nian dared not hurt people any more. After that, it was passed down from generation to generation and formed a lively custom of Celebrating the New Year.Legend two Legend in ancient times, there is a fierce monster, called nian.Its body is as big as an ox, with a horn on its head and a big mouth, walking like flying. It was originally food for livestock, but later in the winter when food was scarce, it began to eat people.Because of this, every New Year’s Eve, people would hide in the mountains to avoid the harm of nian.One New Year’s Eve, the village came begging people, he saw people are collecting, ready to avoid the year, he told people as long as red paper on the door, firecrackers, will scare away nian.People were skeptical, but decided to try.In the middle of the night, years into the village, see every household stick red paper, candle lit inside the house, the yard came banging firecrackers, years scared tremble, distressed to escape, the original years most afraid of red, fire and fried sound.Since then, every year on New Year’s Eve, every family stick red couplets, fireworks, this custom spread more and more widely, and later became our Chinese folk grand traditional festival.In ancient times, there was a monster called Nian. Its head and tentacles were unusually fierce.Nian lived at the bottom of the sea, every New Year’s eve, will come ashore to attack the villagers.At this time the villagers would take their children and girls up the mountain to take refuge.One day, the village came to a white beard old grandpa begging, at that time just be the year attack day, old grandpa walked into a, to its one night, the villagers say, I advise you hurriedly up the mountain to take refuge.We’re taking refuge in the mountains. You can live here.The old man stroked his beard and said, Don’t be afraid. I can tame it.Years finally came, it saw a bright lights, firecrackers a little, to the year there a throw, firecrackers fried crackling, years ran away.The original year afraid of red ah!Originally, every New Year’s Eve to wear new clothes wear a new hat, set off firecrackers, red couplets, this will scare away years, if you don’t do so, years will come to your home yo!February 3, 2017