Another Huawei-invested company went public with a market value of nearly RMB 10 billion

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Today (10), the domestic power semiconductor manufacturer East Micro semi guide landing science and technology innovation board.After the market opened, East Micro semi guide rose to 148 yuan/share, before falling back.As of chengwen, East Micro half lead 132 yuan/share, the total market value of 9 billion yuan.Source: Flush screenshots raised 939 million, code power semiconductor!It is reported that east Micro semi guide raised funds to invest in the following projects: super junction and shielding grid power device product upgrade and industrialization project investment of 20,4145,800 yuan.The project is to improve the design and technology of high voltage super junction MOSFET products and low voltage shielded gate MOSFET products.High pressure super junction MOSFET product upgrade includes 8-inch third generation super junction MOSFET product and 12-inch advanced process super junction MOSFET product design and technology upgrade;Medium and low voltage shielded grid MOSFET product upgrade specifically includes the third generation of high-speed shielded grid MEDIUM and low voltage MOSFET and high robustness of medium and low voltage MOSFET products related to technological upgrading.R&d and industrialization project of new structure power device The project investment is 10,7,703,200 yuan. The project plans to launch high rate IGBT, super silicon MOSFET and a new generation of high speed and large current power device products in the next three years.It can be widely used in 5G base station, DC charging pile of new energy vehicles, photovoltaic inverter and other segmentation fields.Among them, IGBT product research and development involves the following 900V three-gate IGBT, 900V and above three-gate IGBT, high reliability IGBT and 12-inch advanced process IGBT product series research and development and industrialization;Super silicon MOSFET product research and development involves the first and second generation of super silicon MOSFET research and development and industrialization;The new generation of high speed and high current power device series is mainly 600V/650V Hybrid FET device research and development and industrialization.The total investment of the project is 16,984.2 million yuan. The project is to carry out innovative research and development of product technology centering on SiC devices and new silicon-based high voltage power devices, develop new technical solutions, increase fixed assets investment in the failure and reliability of power devices, optimize the experimental environment, and improve test efficiency.Further guarantee product quality.East Micro semi guide plans to continue to invest in research and development in ultra-thin wafer back processing technology and high power density chip and module packaging technology to improve the process technology and further improve product performance.Technology and development reserve fund project is combined with the company’s strategic development goals, in the use of industrial m&a and integration, the company considers focusing on automotive power device design, SiC power device design and module design and application of high quality enterprises at home and abroad.It is worth noting that In July 2020, Dongweizheng received investment from Huawei Hubble.In December of the same year, Jiangsu Regulatory Bureau disclosed the record information of Dongwei semi-guidance.Its sponsor is CICC, and the listing guidance was put on record on December 18, 2020.It is reported that East Micro Semiconductor, founded in 2008, is a technology-driven domestic power semiconductor manufacturer.The main products are high voltage GreenMOS series, medium and low voltage SGTMOS series and IGBT series. The company’s products are widely used in industrial application fields represented by direct current charging piles for new energy vehicles, 5G base station power and communication power, data center server power and industrial lighting power.And consumer electronics applications represented by PC power supplies, adapters, TV power boards and mobile phone quick chargers.At the same time, the company continues to carry out technological innovation, further developed super silicon MOSFET, TGBT and other new products.In the future, the company will continue to develop more new high-performance power semiconductor products, committed to becoming a leading power semiconductor manufacturer in the world.(Paper: Topology Industry research Amber)