Gushi County People’s Hospital successfully completed the nucleic acid sampling work in Huaibin County

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The river health reporter Yang Qi zhe correspondent Ye Li article/figure the reporter learns from gushi county people’s hospital on April 8, on April 5, during the qingming festival holidays at the end of the day, under the unified leadership of the gushi county and the county government and county WeiJianWei, under the arrangement of the hospital emergency nucleic acid samples sent to huai marina to support the medical team set off just before dawn…At 4:50 in the morning, at the county government square, the second group of nucleic acid sampling medical teams from The People’s Hospital of Gushi County completed the assembly and rushed to support the sister county Huaibin.Everyone should arrive at the station before 7 o ‘clock and start sampling work.”Each group to the collection point to check whether the items are complete, whether the hand can be pressed, whether there is alcohol watering can, medical waste bags and ties are enough” “the cuffs of the protective clothing, the bottom of the trousers should be tightened, do not be careless!Xu Qiang, vice president of Gushi County People’s Hospital and leader of the team, is both supervisor and propagandist.Before the expedition, he stressed the details of protection for his teammates again, to ensure that the frontline personnel come safely and return safely.The personnel department Wang Yong learned to support the news of Huaibin the first time to sign up, and two consecutive huaibin county large-scale emergency nucleic acid sampling.He said: “my hometown in Huaibin, I hope I can make a contribution to my hometown!”In the past two days, the hospital sent a total of 245 medical staff to support Huaibin. Among them, they are from the 1970s, the mainstay of the 1980s, and the young generation of the 1990s. The total number of nucleic acid samples has been 52,359.In addition, on April 6, gushi County People’s Hospital also sent 80 medical staff to complete large-scale nucleic acid testing in 11 schools in Gushi County, collecting nucleic acid samples from 852 tubes and 16,903 person-times in total.