Heze Emergency Management Bureau took multiple measures to comprehensively improve the quality and efficiency of government affairs openness

2022-06-26 0 By

China Shandong network – Perception shandong February 7 news (reporter Yuan Suhuan) in order to deeply implement the national, provincial and municipal government affairs open work related deployment, further promote sunshine, transparent, open, service-oriented government construction, Heze emergency management bureau multiple measures simultaneously, comprehensively improve the quality and effectiveness of government affairs open.First, “improve + decompose” to ensure openness and standardization of government affairs.In strict accordance with the “main leaders personally stresses, in charge of the leadership concrete grasp, grasp the implementation of the” specific department work requirements, timely adjust the leadership team members, to constantly improve working mechanism, formulation work of the government in 2022 points, the task decomposition to 15 specific department, responsibility in place, to ensure normal work advance.Second, we will strengthen the disclosure of information on key work.Combined with the government website of Heze Emergency Management Bureau, adhering to the principle of public disclosure and non-public disclosure as an exception, we comprehensively sorted out the active disclosure items and optimized 119 active disclosure items based on the focus of work.At the same time, self-examination and self-correction should be carried out every month to avoid delayed release or omission of information, ensure that all matters that should be disclosed are disclosed and released in a timely manner, and strengthen the validity of information update.Third, “innovation plus integration”, to build diverse channels of communication between the government and the people.We will innovate ways of openness and strengthen unified management of new media of government affairs. With the help of wechat and other new media platforms for government affairs, we will continue to innovate ways of openness such as picture reading, expert interpretation and open days of government offices, so as to enhance the effectiveness of openness and constantly improve people’s satisfaction.