Marriage is not an end, but also a beginning

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Marriage, as a fresh graduate, was something I had never considered.The sudden engagement threw my plans into disarray, and I panicked.I can count on one hand the number of times I see him.He was a public utility. I don’t even know what he was doing.Like all blind dates, we got the license at the urging of our parents.At the time, I didn’t know what to do with my life.On our wedding day, I told him about our agreement.Because I just graduated, my job is not stable, I need time to develop my own career, the early stage may be a little hard.He probably understood what I meant, and was also a straightforward person. He said, “We don’t have much contact with each other, so let’s start with friends.His words soothed my panic.Because he works in Beijing and I work in Guangzhou, so one is in the south and the other is in the north.His parents once implicitly expressed that they wanted both of us to go back to our hometown for development. We looked at each other, but I was too shy to open my mouth, so he refused for me.At that time I was selfish, the heart has a cavity of blood, character also stubborn.Holding the savings in hand, a lot of ideas in mind, but do not know why indecisive.Open chat records, the information hit and delete, delete and hit, do not know how to send.Before long, it was exciting to see the real contact.I told him what I thought. At first, he was silent. Maybe he thought it was risky for me to do so and he was afraid that I would be cheated.Of course, this is also what I was worried about, but he did not oppose me, he flew from Beijing to accompany me to choose goods, purchase, until all the arrangements were made, he returned to Beijing.At the beginning, it was almost a break-even situation. Every time I called, I was unhappy. He always tried to make me laugh and encouraged me.Get along with a long time, imperceptibly feel that a long time will miss him.He gave me a lot of advice. In many aspects, he was more mature than me and knew more and considered more comprehensively. In fact, I had some ideas to let him come and join me, but I couldn’t be so selfish.So the idea has been on hold for a long time.Until one Valentine’s Day, the man also understood romance.The company’s business in 2018 was not very good, but it was also a year for a fresh start.This morning, as usual, I was alone counting the goods when, for some reason, the lights went out.Winter days are not fully bright, I can say that I was walking around the shelf.I don’t know what I tripped over. I thought it would hurt, but I fell into a hug.He led me out, and the moment I saw him I cried. I cried for a long time.He also did not speak, and so I cried with his hand to wipe away my tears.He put on my gloves and led me in front. He said nothing and I said nothing.But it feels like a lot of talking.We had breakfast together and he came into my office.A very humble house, a desk, a chair and a sofa.He told me about his resignation, and I was surprised but happy.I asked him why, in his voice do not know why tired heart, I just want to quietly lie on his body to sleep for a while.The sun is warm, and its embrace is even warmer.Thanks for this friend’s story to share, wish all struggling friends in the New Year a successful career, find their own other half, come on!!