Praised by Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs!Build national agricultural science and technology modernization first county, xinghua “excellent” where

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At the meeting held by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs a few days ago, Taizhou Xinghua made a speech as an outstanding representative.Meeting read out the first county to build about 2021 national science and technology modernization work bulletin of appraisal results, the comprehensive evaluation pay attention to the importance, work, support measures, to build effective, publicity guide from five aspects, xinghua and build the unit of the people’s government of nanjing agricultural university prize in comprehensive evaluation of a capacity, etc.Build national agricultural science and technology modernization first county, xinghua “excellent” where?Shao Guoyu, director of Xinghua Agricultural and Rural Bureau, has been officially listed as the national agricultural science and technology modernization pilot county construction list since 2021. The city closely revolves around the pilot county’s goals and tasks, innovative work ideas, crack development problems, pilot county to create a good start, a strong start.- Based on a “early” word, strengthen the working mechanism.Xinghua established agricultural science and technology modernization ahead of the county leading group and work special class.The leading group is led by the secretary of the Municipal Committee of the CPC and the Mayor; the leaders in charge of the Municipal Committee of the CPC and the Municipal Government are the deputy leaders; the main leaders of functional departments are members.The special work class is headed by the municipal Bureau of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, composed of the responsible person in charge of each line, the responsible person of the department and the professional and technical personnel of the industry, responsible for the advance of the work of the county.The mechanism of regular study and consultation has been established, and experts from Nanjing Agricultural University have been invited to participate in the joint construction symposium and expert discussion meetings. The responsible person of the Municipal government has held the work coordination meeting for many times to implement the work in detail.– Highlighting the importance of “precision” and drawing up plans for joint development.The first is the selection of technical team.A joint evaluation group was formed to select and hire xinghua national agricultural science and technology modernization leading county model construction service team and chief experts.Second, field research was conducted to determine the eight major projects.Nanjing Agricultural University organized a team of experts to conduct field research in Xinghua, deeply visited Tangkou, Tiantou and enterprises in the park, and conducted one-to-one communication with local experts and agricultural technicians by industry, sector and line, to determine the “eight major projects” to be implemented during 2021-2025.Third, clear path for signing joint construction agreements.The Xinghua Municipal government and Nanjing Agricultural University held the signing ceremony of the National Agricultural Science and Technology Modernization Pilot County (Xinghua), established the Xinghua Rural Revitalization Research Institute of Nanjing Agricultural University, signed the building agreement, and defined the five-year construction plan and key tasks in 2022.– Grasping the Chinese character of “deep”, we will carry out the “seven joint projects”.On the basis of field research conducted by relevant leaders of the Department of Science and Education of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs,Xinghua city and Nanjing Agricultural University have decided to implement the “seven joint projects” in 2021-2022, including agricultural green and efficient production, intelligent agriculture improvement, comprehensive utilization of agricultural waste, agricultural machinery and equipment improvement, brand building of featured agricultural products, demonstration and application of green and healthy breeding, aquatic pest control and water monitoring.Chang Donghai, deputy secretary of xinghua Municipal Party Committee, said that the next step will thoroughly implement the spirit of the meeting, firm confidence and determination to create a must, around the “eight projects”, to build the “five industrial chains” as the starting point, and strive to become a leading county of industrial science and technology, talent specialization, ecological green agricultural science and technology modernization.Correspondent Jin Jie Yuan Ye Xinhua Daily News Interchange reporter Dong Xin