Buy price 9 yuan sell 5000!Deceiving an old man is no way to get rich

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“Alert!Don’t let strangers alone for dinner “– this hot search topic, the author at first glance didn’t understand, look closely, it originated in the haidian district of Beijing haidian district court has sentenced a case of a 82 – year – old ms king was invited to a” customer feedback “meal, dinner, a lecturer to introduce you to a named PQQ product,It is said to be a compound pressed tablet candy containing Nyingchi, which can cure all diseases and can be greatly reduced when purchased on the same day.Jin bought one set for 5,000 yuan, while another bought four sets for 20,000 yuan, while the purchase price of the product was only 9 yuan.At present, 4 accused of defrauding the elderly have been sentenced.Can you sell $5,000 for $9 more than that?So cut the old leek, really cut out a “new realm”!
For health care products, most of the elderly have no resistance, who does not want to make themselves a bit stronger, live well?Worrying about health and paying bills for keeping in good health is an important part of the life of many old people nowadays.I’m not that old, but EVERY now and then I get calls from businesses asking me to “give back.”I have seen and heard that some salesmen are considerate to their mothers, and their aunts are long and short, and they invite her to go on a free one-day tour around the city.As for some shopping malls, will often crowd gathered, in the middle of a person eloquently, is also mostly in the utmost to sell…The judge warned that inviting old people to dinner was a new kind of scam.In fact, so many years, cheater’s technique innovation is limited, basically boil or that pot “old soup”, or those “familiar taste” — 1, tablet or powder worth while, or massage table, chair and so on, four words: package!Cure!Best!!!Disease!Temptation value pull full;2, “Today you are again, the original price of 9900, only 4900 today, pay on the spot and then reduce 200, the real full 10,000 and then 10% off” — math problems, around and around;”Aunt, uncle, don’t bother your children if you have anything. Tell Xiao Zhang that Xiao Zhang can help you do anything, such as running errands or errands.” — “Wolf” has already wanted to enter the room…Even so, this kind of routine and trap, there are still a crop of old people into the pit.The comments section of the above hot search can be seen — “My old man also bought a lot of, but had no choice”, “after listening to the lecture to send eggs and geese”, “the old man shopped around for vegetables, but after listening to the class he bought a drinking fountain worth more than 3000 yuan”…Based on this, many children have reminded the elderly to prevent fraud as an important part of the “family class” — “do not transfer money to strangers”, “do not answer strangers’ phone calls”, “do not try to 10 eggs cheap”, “do not eat with strangers”……The list seems to be getting longer and longer.In 2020, the relevant departments of the state issued four risk alerts, exposing four types of fraud involving old people.There are plenty of crooks, but there are still plenty of old people.So “cut leek” scam, in the end can break?How to break?Legally speaking, the answer is already there – the fraudsters are sentenced to prison and fined.In fact, this is not the first time that the Haidian District Court has tried and judged similar cases. Searching related news, it is not hard to find that many places have cracked down on health care products “cheating the elderly” gangs and imposed penalties on those involved.Thus, as long as the facts are clear and the evidence is conclusive, the legal net can provide a bottom for the rights and interests of the elderly and their money.In addition to judicial organs, market regulators have also used health care products to “cheat the elderly” of some companies and businesses, fined hundreds of thousands of yuan.The crux of the problem is that many old people who are cheated do not file a lawsuit, do not report, and some are even unwilling to admit that they are cheated, which allows countless cheaters to go unpunished.The reason why the elderly often become the “first choice” of cheaters is largely due to the decline of their cognitive ability in all aspects. Therefore, to break the scam and make the cheater’s “business” bleak, we can not rely on the elderly to “save”, but to rely on external assistance and promotion.For example, judicial and administrative organs should “zero tolerance” for relevant cases, and bring more and more cheaters to justice to form a high-pressure situation and atmosphere.Grassroots communities can, if conditions permit, respond to and relieve the elderly’s health demands by providing them with formal knowledge lectures and health massage services — in fact, some places have already begun to do so.Everyone gets old, let alone China has entered an aging society, with a population of 264.02 million aged 60 and above (as of 0 o ‘clock on November 1, 2020).Today, we can not let the “price of 9 yuan to sell 5000” scam for a “majia” again, can not indulge cheat the old man money become a “get rich” means and access, can not indulge the old man into the eyes of the cheater “Tang Seng meat” and “leek”.This is the bottom line that a civilized society must hold, and it is part of building an age-friendly society.All parties should join hands to create a safe and comfortable living environment for the elderly.Such an environment will benefit all of us.(The original title of “The price of 9 yuan sold 5000! Cut the old leek cut a” new realm “by Mr. Gong source workers’ Daily)