【 fly Flies 】 : Demolition compensation “demolition” destroyed him

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“Ni Yufang, former level 4 researcher of Nanxun Agricultural and Rural Affairs Office, Nanxun District, Huzhou City, is suspected of serious violation of discipline and law, and is currently receiving discipline investigation and supervision investigation from Nanxun District Discipline Inspection Commission…”As soon as the information of ni Yufang’s investigation was released, it attracted widespread attention locally.”Ni minister usually the most way” “Ni minister this person enthusiasm fortitude” “Ni Minister retirement have some days”…For the news of Ni Yufang’s detention, the masses were surprised.In February 1982, Ni Yufang retired from the army, since then has been working in towns and townships, and served as the head of the People’s Armed Forces department in several towns and townships, and then served as the deputy director of the former street office of Nanxun town and other positions.Looking back on the decades of ni Yufang’s work, he has been conscientious and good at getting along with the masses, so he is deeply loved and trusted by the masses.”I regret it now. I worked hard all my life, but something happened right before I retired.”During the detention, Ni Yufang several tears, he said he was the “right” fan obsession, the final night is not guaranteed.In 2016, Nanxun Lianyi Village started the demolition work. Due to her rich experience in mass work, Ni Yufang was entrusted with important responsibility to go to lianyi Village for relocation.”The villagers were very active and the demolition work went smoothly at the beginning.”Ni Yufang said that he was very proud of himself at the beginning, until finally several villagers, no matter how much ideological work, always disagreed, the demolition work was stalled.In the face of the villagers’ demand that they do not want to be relocated without an increase in compensation, Ni Yufang temporarily fell into difficulty.Arrived in the second half year of 2016, ni Yufang is in urgent need of money at home, facing the “double problem” in work and life, Ni Yufang unexpectedly moved the “crooked mind”.Pressing the matter of the moment is to think of a way to “change” money, Ni Yufang wants to come out of a “good way”, why not start from the demolition compensation?So, Ni Yufang found the contact village director Jin mou (another case processing) say their ideas, did not think of two people hit it off.Say dry dry, two people first according to the requirements and their own hard money agreed to forge the amount, fictitious a 1400 square meter factory, cheated to the new evaluation sheet.”Kim and I immediately signed the appraisal form and sent the fake compensation list and payment documents to the town.”Ni Yufang recalled the mood at that time, uneasy and suffering, a few months later, due to the fictional compensation of 918,700 yuan allocated to the account of the dismantling households, compensation to dismantling households more than 310,000 yuan, Ni Yufang and Jin mou from which each obtained 350,000 yuan and 250,000 yuan of “hard money”.After the first muddle through, Ni Yufang bolder.Before long, he met a dissatisfied with compensation and not agreed to the demolition of the villagers, the NiYuFang without any hesitation, immediately find jin mou same trick, forging plant compensation assessment documents were listing, compensation, and draw money, after some time, operating the relocated people demands are met, and he associated with jin mou get 350000 yuan and 250000 yuan of “hard”.Approval note, a can be exchanged for a battery car demolition work smoothly advance, “Ni Minister” name in the local louder, villagers also more respect for him, and Ni Yufang himself is immersed in such praise in the unable to extricate themselves.”At that time, I thought that I had done so much for the people and everyone recognized me. I also thought that I would retire soon and I should do something for my relatives and friends.”As Ni Yufang himself said, he began to “approve the notes” with the idea that the power had expired.”Anyone who takes the ‘note’ approved by Ni Yufang can receive a battery car.”According to case handling personnel introduction, the Ni Yufang that is satisfied with oneself unexpectedly gave birth to such “absurd” idea, use the convenience that oneself is in charge of demolish work, reach an agreement with some manufacturer that sells battery car, demolish door Wei mou, seek personal gain for oneself relative friend.Why did Ni Yufang have such an idea?He said that he did this not only for the welfare of himself and his relatives, but also to enjoy the envious eyes of his relatives and friends and show his “great powers”.In just three months, Ni yufang has approved 14 “notes”, but the battery car was taken away a total of 57,000 yuan, but has not been settled.This car money how to pay Wei mou, Ni Yufang again looked at the demolition compensation, this time he started from the compensation standard.According to the time of the relocation policy, different location of plant compensation standards are different, the higher plant assessment of compensation, as near to the highway NiYuFang presumptuously raise the dolphins began plant compensation standard, eventually dolphins began the demolition compensation units compensation more than their normal deserved more than 60000 yuan, while in NiYuFang point of view, this just before the storage battery cost more than $60000,It’s seamless.In 2020, Ni Yufang retired from the agriculture office in Nanxun Town.After retirement, Ni Yufang spends every day with her grandchildren and enjoys her family.”I thought retirement meant a safe landing. I never thought I’d be sitting here now.”In the retention room, Ni Yufang shed tears of remorse.On October 15, 2021, Ni Yufang voluntarily gave himself up and told The Nanxun Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision about his embezzlement of compensation for demolition.”I took the power to approve the demolition as a tool for corruption, and my original intention to seek the well-being of the people turned into greed to seek improper interests for myself.”During the detention period, Ni Yufang really began to reflect on herself and examine herself, but it was too late.It was found that ni Yufang, when she was deputy director of the former Street Office of Nanxun Town from 2016 to 2017, took advantage of her position in charge of the demolition and relocation work of Nanxun town and embezzled a total of 2,178,600 yuan of demolition subsidy with others by forging the factory demolition compensation evaluation form and other relevant documents and signing and reporting them. Ni Yufang actually received 76.1,500 yuan.The value of gifts such as cigarettes and alcohol amounted to 21,900 yuan.In January 2022, Ni yufang was expelled from the Communist Party of China and dismissed from public office for serious violations of discipline and law.In March 2022, Ni yufang was sentenced to three years and six months in prison and fined 300,000 yuan for corruption, and the illegal proceeds were recovered.Source: website of Discipline Inspection Commission of Zhejiang Province