Chen Chong, standing Committee of Dangshan County Party Committee, Organization Minister and Executive Deputy County Magistrate, visited Xuanmiao Town for visiting activities during the Spring Festival

2022-06-28 0 By

The year of the tiger Spring Festival approaching, on January 28th morning, DangShan county party committee and minister of organization, executive vice governor Chen chong xuan temple town held during the Spring Festival visits condolences, as the object of sympathy to the party and the government’s care and warmth, and send their Spring Festival greetings and good wishes, vice minister of the county party committee organization Xue Yan, xuan temple town party secretary ya-bin zhang, accompanied by mayor Ma Fei condolences.Joan Chen visits condolences residency teams will respectively, and major difficulties whole, difficult people crowd people, such as difficulty in whole Xu Fucheng Wang Limin and difficult people, li ling home, Joan Chen details about their family status, health status, income and family expenses, etc., asking them to the existing difficulties and problems.When Chen chong heard that Li Ling, a person suffering from serious illness, wanted to apply for subsistence allowance after suffering from cancer, she told both the town and village levels to adhere to principles and give consideration to fairness. They should not adopt “one size fits all” and let the people feel the good policies of the Party and the government and live a good life.During the visit, Chen chong repeatedly told town and village cadres to care about the disadvantaged groups, to solve their problems and improve their well-being.To focus on the people needed to ask to the party and the government’s various support measures put in place, to solve practical problems, and actively help difficult people go all out to do a good job of the masses, the warmth of the party and the government to homes, the party and the government’s care to the hearts of the masses, to ordinary days a year more than a year.(Ren Lu)