Haikou octogenarian went out for a walk after the police and the people linkage overnight search eventually found

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A new client in hainan, the south China sea network, south metropolis daily news on February 24 (reporter yan-zhen wang The correspondent xiao-peng li Liang Yidan) on February 24, the reporter learns from the coast of hainan provincial public security police team for the first team, on February 23, meilan branch of red island off the coast of haikou city public security bureau police station through the linkage between the people, in only three hours will help find lost old man,It was well received by the masses.At 18 o ‘clock on February 23, the red Island coast police station received an alarm from the masses that the old man at home had not returned after going downstairs for a walk in the afternoon. The old man is in his 80s and suffering from alzheimer’s disease.It was cold in Haikou that day, and it was getting late. My family was getting worried.The lost old man was eventually found.According to the family description, the police in the understanding of the old man’s physical characteristics, immediately took the surveillance video around the old man, found that the old man had walked out of the community at about 16 o ‘clock that day, toward the direction of The Haidian Five West Road, finally disappeared in the monitoring field of vision.The police rushed to the old man disappeared in the monitoring vision of the site, while the site as the center to launch the vigilantes team in the surrounding work, while the old man lost information reported to the superior units, apply for friendly units to help find, at the same time in the circle of friends released missing notice, launched the people love relay together to find.At 21 o ‘clock on the same day, the police received a call from superior units, a warm-hearted masses reported to the police in longkun South road bus station found a lost old man, after the district police station police verification, found that the old man physical characteristics and the red island coast police station issued a missing man notice in the lost old man highly similar.The police immediately contacted the family to confirm the bus station.Confirmed by family members, it is the elderly lost in the family.The picture shows the hongdao Coast police station mobilizing friendly units to help find the missing elderly.It is understood that after walking out of the community, the old man lost his way and walked along the direction of the road. Finally, he got on the bus platform along the road and got off at longkun South Station.Seeing the old man safe and sound, the family members were excited, holding the hands of the police gratefully said: “The weather is so cold, if you can not find the old man, the consequences are really unimaginable, thank you very much!”Police tips: the masses must be optimistic about the size of the side of the “friend”, when necessary can be placed on their clothing or the body contact card, in case of accidents, if the family lost, please timely alarm.