How do these people spend the Spring Festival and what do they have for dinner?

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White cut mutton, jelly fish, braised meatballs…On January 31, New Year’s Eve, families begin to prepare favorite dishes for shi Yingqun early in the morning.After having dinner with her 96-year-old grandmother on New Year’s Eve, Shi yingqun will start her sixth round of COVID-19 patient care at the Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center from the first day of the Year of the Tiger.Shi Yingqun has a New Year’s Eve dinner with her family.Shi Yingqun recalled that on the morning of the first day of the Lunar New Year in 2020, she received an urgent call to say goodbye to her family and showed up at her post two hours later.”At that time, we did not know the Novel Coronavirus well, so I was very nervous when I entered the ward for the first time. Now, although I am in a calm mood, I cannot relax my commitment to the prevention and control of hospital infection.”Shi yingquan said she asked her colleagues for the latest version of the prevention and control training video before entering the cabin, and went over the whole process again whenever she had time to “warm up” herself.”I will miss my wedding anniversary with my husband on February 14, but we have made plans to celebrate it by video.”Shi yingqun said that the most worried about the heart is just turned 6 years old son, originally promised to accompany him to see a movie during the Spring Festival, can only make up for him later.The reporter learned from the Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center that there are many medical workers like Shi Yingqun who missed important festivals with their families.On New Year’s Eve, 25 doctors and 91 nurses were on the frontline.The logistic catering department of Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center prepares the New Year’s Eve dinner for medical staff.(Photo provided by Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center) In order to provide medical staff with a warm and sumptuous Lunar New Year’s Eve dinner, the logistics and catering department of Shanghai Public Health Clinical Center has made great efforts to promote the Spring Festival feast, which not only includes hot dishes such as beef slices with black pepper and duck sauce, but also dim sum gift packages and fruit sets.At the same time, the catering department also provided a dumpling for each patient in the hospital, hoping that everyone had a happy and auspicious year.Shanghai is an important port city in China with a large population, high concentration and high mobility. In particular, as an international metropolis, Shanghai also has close international exchanges, putting pressure on epidemic prevention and control.According to the Shanghai Municipal Health Commission on February 1, 18 new imported COVID-19 cases were reported from 00:00 to 24:00 on January 31 through the joint prevention and control mechanism at ports.Wang Jun, a nurse from a community health center in Shanghai’s Xuhui district, is currently working in Jianguo Hotel, the largest quarantine center for foreign visitors to Shanghai in Xuhui District.New Year’s eve at 7:00 in the morning, she greeted the first batch of closed-loop transfer from pudong airport to isolate personnel, after the daily routine nucleic acid detection, measuring temperature, ask a symptom, and docking with the community street workers eligible to health self-monitoring seven days closed loop transfer, February 1, has been busy to day in the morning.The difference is that there are a lot of different dishes. In addition to the extra meal in the hotel, there are also some Shanghai colleagues and their families sent special love dinner on New Year’s Eve, eight-treasure rice, smoked fish, egg dumplings…My mouth is full of fragrance and warmth.”Wang argued.New Year’s gifts for quarantine staff at jianguo Hotel after work.(respondents for figure) from wang junwork photo you can see, the isolated points in the epidemic prevention work orderly, Spring Festival atmosphere thick, bright red grilles, hanging lanterns and tigers, and medical personnel to use the rest time for quarantine personnel prepared thank-you letter in both English and Chinese: outbreak ruthless people love, thank you for your understanding of our prevention and control work, support and cooperation…No one is born brave, only choose to be fearless.Reporters found in the interview, many medical staff are their own initiative to sign up during the Spring Festival stick to the front line.”The biggest wish of the Year of the Tiger is to end the epidemic as soon as possible and to travel without delay.”Wang Jun said he hoped he could stay up with his parents during the Spring Festival.(Reporter Gong Wen)