The poodle saw two shiba dogs quarrel on TV, and immediately put them up to stop it

2022-06-28 0 By

A netizen from Taiwan loves dogs so much that he has many furry children at home.Most of the children are medium and large dogs, but one of them is a small black poodle named Maomao, who is very warm and friendly. Maomao’s passion is not only for people, but also for dogs.Recently, when the owner was watching TV, the picture just broadcast two Shiba inu quarrelling, the result was heard by Maomao immediately rushed over.After seeing maomao press close to the TV anxious jump up and down, as if anxious directly into the screen.Maomao was busy, looking at the black wood on the left side and looking at the yellow wood on the right side, and listening to the two Shiba “wang Wang” quarrel on TV, Maomao also followed a low roar, as if he was in the scene to join the battle.It was as if a peacemaker was trying to stop a quarrel, saying, “Everybody stop arguing!Listen to me!!”Could have been a melon dog, but maomao is very serious, funny appearance laugh spray owner and many net friends, have said too cute ah!Who doesn’t love a dog who can break up a fight