Fat goose gym summer beach activities in detail

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Fat goose gym summer beach is an activity in the game, players meet the conditions to open, need to obtain different props through synthesis.Next, we will share detailed beach activities of Fat Goose gym in summer. Let’s have a look.1, orange seed synthesis: orange seed – orange tree – orange – orange seed, this is a cycle 2, 8 seeds synthesis of an orange tree, orange tree can produce a total of two rounds, each round of an orange.One orange gives you two half oranges, half an orange gives you two pieces of orange, and a couple of pieces of orange gives you two pieces of orange.Oranges can be turned into seeds from level 2, waiting for the end of the cooling into seeds automatically.That means a whole orange can produce eight seeds, and an orange tree can produce 16 seeds.So you can keep one orange out of the two oranges in each round and make it sustainable.Another orange, that’s what the juicer needs.3, orange juicer is need, give the number of orange juicer need can produce cleaner, cleaner can be used to unlock the starfish, for there is no “the matrix” starfish production, in addition to take gold to buy in the shop, only by cleaner after unlocked all 4, starfish, I don’t think the role of detergent so big, dispensable,So orange seeds, orange trees, oranges are not as important.Followed a spider’s web of current beach products can completely rely on holiday cars produced merger unlock 5, slowly upgrade synthesis the highest hermit crabs, starfish hermit crabs can produce “residents”, that is, the sea animals, the animals and output with a spider’s web of beach supplies, combined with the holiday beach car output supplies synthetic upgrade get twice the result with half the effort.6, pink beach supplies produce green beach activities supplies, the activities of the green products can produce purple activity experience, continuously accumulate experience to upgrade available pool toys, after three days of activities to collect toys, back to the original synthetic upgrade in the checkerboard, artest after ducks swimming laps to output the travel plans of source: make swim statement:The copyright belongs to the original, and this article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If there is a source marked wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact this network, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.