Does junior high school graduate do good learn door technology to seek outlet

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Junior high school graduation what good learning technology to find a way out in a lot of people busy walking relatives pay New Year’s visit when many students choose to sign up to seize the spring enrollment quota we summed up the registration often met some questions today for everyone to answer one by one ask: learning technology is there an age limit?A: Whether you are a junior high school student or a senior high school student, or an adult who wants to learn technology, you can come to Handan North School.The Northern Career Planner will help you plan your career and recommend suitable majors and courses according to your age and interests.Q: What are the requirements for admission now?Do YOU need marks?A: One of the biggest advantages of spring admission is the low threshold of admission, regardless of scores.If your child’s academic performance is not ideal, it is more difficult to take the high school entrance examination, then choose Handan North School spring registration is a good choice.Preemption of a Spring Festival enrollment quota in advance, you can wait for the score after the examination of the situation to make a decision, to the child reserve a guaranteed choice.You can also enter school as soon as possible to start learning technology, choose a new direction for children, speed up the speed of children’s success!Ask: children have no foundation, can learn?A: Cultural courses are accumulated layer by layer. If you do not attend primary school, you cannot learn junior high school courses. If you do not attend junior high school, you cannot learn senior high school courses.But learning technology is not such, technology education is more important teaching method, in handan north school 3 points theory 7 points practice of teaching mode, children at any time to begin to learn technology, can learn will!Q: Do you have a certificate for graduation?Can I go to school?Answer: The north school of Handan is a regular school recognized by the state. After graduation, the school is issued by the state and the society.At the same time, handan North School also has classes for students to go to college through a variety of ways, and eventually get a college degree or even a bachelor’s degree!Q: How are classes held at your school?A: In the north, the classroom adopts a combination of theory and practice. 70% of the practice courses give students plenty of time to practice, practice and improve their skills.Each major will carry out stage assessment every week to understand the current situation of students’ learning, and the school attaches great importance to the students’ basic skills training, they have learned real skills, skills are more solid.Q: What majors do you offer?A: Handan North School offers four majors: computer, automobile, cooking and pastry. After nearly 30 years of continuous improvement, each major is a fine course in north China.Q: Can adults come north to learn technology?A: Handan North School has short-term training courses for adults, covering computer, automobile, cooking, pastry and other industries.North School also provides students with entrepreneurship guidance and training, regularly inviting professional employment guidance teachers to conduct systematic training for students, from store location, resource maintenance, technical services, as well as capital, equipment and other issues, professional entrepreneurship assistance tutors are available for one-to-one assistance.Ask: my child does not know what to learn, how to do?A: If your child does not know what major to learn, or parents are hesitating whether the child can learn, that must come to Handan North school to participate in the free test!Can learn can, let the child learn actually, feel professional difficulty!Do not know what to learn, let the child experience several intention major, each try, find the correct interest!Q: Are there any places available for spring admission?How do I sign up?Answer: enter a school in spring each major limitation recruit students, because sign up very fervent, the quota during Chinese New Year also is reducing ceaselessly, place of each major quota remains not much now!