Early spring carp do not love to move, poly fish is still difficult!Do these four steps, the big crucian carp line up into the nest

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Fishing in early spring, the biggest difficulty lies in looking for fish nests.Because the cold winter stage temperature is low, leading to the carp in a pile in a more suitable place for water temperature, not how to love swimming, early spring stage temperature is still low, so with winter in the fish basically no difference.So find the fish nest, is the foundation of fish gathering.On this basis, there is a certain skill to make the fish in the nest more and more.In actual fishing it is always the case that the other man has fish in the line and you have none.One, the basic steps, looking for fish nest looking for fish nest is the foundation of collecting fish, but also the low temperature season can catch the basis of fish.How to find fish nest, the first choice is the size of the fishing field, to the early spring nature is to choose wild rivers, ditches, branches and other small water surface fishing, because only the water surface is relatively small, warming effect is better, it is easier to find fish nest.Of course, there is a point, from the point of view of fishing crucian carp, small water density tends to be larger;Second is to find the fish nest, in the direction of the sun to find obstacles, looking for piers, looking for dark grass and so on, pay attention to the sun to find the wind is the foundation of the fish nest.Keep in mind that spring fishing carp, from small to large changes in surface size, different temperature rise speed is different, fish has sooner or later.Two, prepare the right nesting material before nesting, must choose the right nesting material.Early spring fish less, and poor fish mood, nesting material should be used to recruit small fish nesting material, the more recruit small fish nesting material, in the temperature season hair nest together fish effect is often better.Using wine and rice for nesting is common, but not the best.The best nesting material should be powdery, such as fried soybean powder, sesame powder, peanut powder, with a small amount of wine and rice nesting, which is much better than the simple use of wine and rice effect.Even when rapeseed cakes are fried and fragrant, adding qu wine or clove wine while hot, the effect of gathering fish is better than using wine and rice alone.Three, more dens, do not stick to the sun to shelter from the wind may have fish nest, but still want to see the depth and terrain, near the pier, dark grass area in fact, the possibility of fish nest is the largest.But we still can’t be sure that there are fish nests, so the best way is to screen different terrains and nest on the right terrains, so that there will always be a nest, naturally will be much better than defending a nest.In fact, multiple nests is a simple and crude but effective way to find fish nests. After all, where are the fish in the end, we can only roughly analyze, and simple multiple nests can solve this problem.They can even nest in different water depths and terrains. Finally, depending on the water depth and terrains, they can know where the fish are today.Four, keep nest, fish don’t catch light nest after sitting and waiting for hair nest, because the temperature hair nest is slow, it is necessary to go out early.Experience tells us that no matter how early we get out, we always seem to see earlier anglers on the surface.Leaving early at least allows you to pick your spot early, and position advantage is especially important in early spring fishing.The purpose of nest is to let the nest in the fish some more, because the carp group eating habits, eating crucian carp to other crucian carp has a certain “temptation” effect, this effect is far better than the nest material itself.So hair nest after not anxious fishing, fishing after a few fish on the nest, and then replace the next nest, there are always fish and nest material, this is the key to continue to gather fish.Nesting attention nest material less and fine, because not to find fish nest, a large amount of no effect;The nesting material should be better, not too much.Play nest to less, nest to frequently and less, this is the key to let carp stay in the nest for a long time.Please pay attention to the collection like, update every day on time, thank you fishing friends!