Laos: Local goods more expensive than imports?Netizen ridicule

2022-06-30 0 By

TARGET LAO recently asked why Laotians don’t like to use LAO products.An online questionnaire was conducted: TG01: What can be used?This needs to be asked, Lao products are more expensive than imported products, for example, Lao coffee is more expensive than imported products, which cannot attract customers to buy, and some things are too expensive.TG02:1. Laotians were not guided to buy domestic products.2. High cost and high price.3. There is a tendency to consume foreign products due to their high publicity.4. The government does not have adequate policies to protect domestic production, which makes it difficult for small and medium-sized enterprises in Laos to survive.TG03: In fact, the quality of Lao products is guaranteed, but there are too many imported products instead of domestic production and use, so people don’t consume Lao products as well as they should because most people may compare prices.If we import less and promote the production and consumption of local products, it may help Laotian products to develop better and become more popular.TG04: There are still some people who do not know patriotism, who do not know that many countries in the world advocate patriotism and love home.Many people like foreign brands and look down on domestic products. Our sense of patriotism is not high.TG05:1. More expensive than imports, domestic production should be sold cheaply to replace imports.2. Not up to standard.3. Foreign currency sales.4. It’s an unpopular product.TG06: Do not import goods already in Laos.Because there are too many imported goods, if the Ministry of Industry and Trade does not allow the import of existing goods in Laos, all departments and people should work together to promote production and form a production chain.At the same time, the price will be reduced and the quality will be improved. We believe that Lao products will not be inferior to those of other countries.TG07: Lao people like to watch Thai TV, Thai dramas, Thai advertisements, which is why Lao products are not known and Lao people are gradually not using their own products.TG08: Poor packaging design, no advertising, family business, don’t want to invest a lot, don’t hire employees, don’t buy machinery, most of the products don’t match the price, people are not familiar with them, and gradually no one will buy them.TG09: Really want to support Laotian products, but: 1. Laotian products are not many.The quality is out of line with the price.TG10: A lot of people don’t understand why Lao products are expensive and things are not guaranteed.This is because the production of small, high investment cost, large vendors each time to buy 100 tons of raw material, can get a low price of raw materials, machinery used the price also is low, then the price is low, but the production purchase of raw material is not much, because the factory is not large, there is no money to buy the machinery, can only rely on artificial, lead to slow production, low production, so the cost is high.What consumers buy depends on quantity, quality, price and mentality.It’s just a discussion of “Why don’t Lao people like to use Lao products?”Part of the comments.As you can see, most people say Laotian products are too expensive.More overseas information: Myanmar return process, Myanmar return to the door surrender need what process?Chinese in Cambodia beware, a fall from heaven may not be a pie, but a trap