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In September 2021, people got to know Zhang Xiaoxiao, the “shrimp girl” and Zhang Pengcheng, the “white-haired principal” of Erlangmiao Primary School in Qingji Town, Zhoukou, Henan province.Because the sick mother She always leave a plate of shrimp last September, taikang county, zhoukou, henan qing town ErLangMiao primary school lunch break, the principal peng-cheng zhang arranged for the children braised prawns, 9, zhang xiaoxiao finished plate of vegetables, rice, have been slow to move prawns, she wants to leave the shrimp with mom, this scene by reporters recorded.On the New Year’s Eve of the Tiger, Xiao Xiao’s mother, Hu Mingjun, prepared a New Year’s Eve dinner for the whole family. Xiao Xiao helped her mother make dumplings.Her favorite food is French fries and prawns given to her by charity.Zhang Xiaoxiao is the third child in her family, with two older brothers. Her father Zhang Junling is a migrant worker, and her mother Hu Mingjun has been living with Her in zhoukou due to health problems.Hu mingjun said that Xiaoxiao had been taking care of her by herself since she was born, and the mother and daughter were very close to each other. “When I said that you could eat the shrimp by yourself and you were growing, she said that we should eat it together.”Any school food and fruit that Xiao Xiao thought “nutritious” were packed and carried home carefully.”Wrapped in toilet paper, there are chicken legs, apples, fruits, everything to bring home,” Hu mingjun said, he had advised Xiaoxiao not to bring home, but she did not listen to, “MY heart is not the taste, such a big child, can be sensible.”Zhang Junling found out about his daughter’s popularity online only after a friend shared it with him.”I was working in Kaifeng at that time. I searched it and it was all zhang Xiaoxiao’s videos for two days.To be honest, it’s the same as opening the five-taste bottle, “Zhang junling said,” the child is too sensible, but let himself very distressed.”Zhang Pengcheng, the principal of Erlangmiao Primary School, graduated from a local teacher’s school. At first, he took over his father’s job as a teacher at Erlangmiao Primary School. His meager salary could not support his family’s food and clothing, so he left school and went to a factory in Zhejiang Province.At that time, the son was living with his grandmother in Henan province. After a few years, he found that the child had changed.”After the first grade, I found it was a big problem.As an educator myself, I decided not to give up my children for the sake of making money, so I made a choice and went back to school.In 2018, Chang became the principal of Shenzhuang Elementary School in Qingji township, while erlangmiao Elementary School, a few kilometers away, has only 27 students and is facing closure and merger.Chang applied for a transfer back to Erlang Miao Primary School.Now, the school has more than 170 children, more than half of them are left-behind children, let them eat well, eat nutrition, is the top priority in Zhang pengcheng’s mind.Zhang Pengcheng said, rural children, parents can give too limited, or have to rely on the school, “the fundamental of education is physical and mental, one is physical development, one is the soul of moisture.Kids need to build a better foundation by eating nutritious and healthy food.”Every handful of vegetables, every piece of meat, are bought by Chang Peng-cheng himself.Meat is bought in the market town;Vegetables, which have to be driven in a minivan to a county 20 kilometers away, are fresh and cheaper.Leave at 4:00 a.m. Make sure the kids are ready for school by 6:00.In the eyes of the students, the principal can teach, cook and fix everything.Zhang said the principal often plays with his classmates, “sometimes jumping rope and throwing balls.He’s a good cook, too. He can cook prawns.”Chang and his students are standing three feet on the rostrum.Entering the age of 40, the story of “white-haired headmaster” Zhang Pengcheng and nine-year-old “shrimp girl” Zhang Xiaoxiao moved many people.In the past six months, the caring materials poured into the village primary school, and the school conditions and the children’s lives were improved.In the second half of 2021, Erlangmiao Primary School began accepting volunteer teachers with more than three months of service.In the past semester, the school invited three volunteer teachers and added music and PE classes to the children. Xiao Xiao likes music class most.On the New Year’s Eve of the Year of the Tiger, xiao Xiao’s family got together.The good news is that Xiaoxiao’s mother’s health has improved.The shy little girl said that she and her friends from the village would go out shooting guns in the evening.President Chang peng-cheng also cares about the reunion of the Xiaoxiao family.Zhang Xiaoxiao: Hello, Headmaster!Zhang Pengcheng: Smile!Did dad buy you any flowery clothes?Zhang Xiaoxiao: Yes!Zhang Pengcheng: In the New Year, the headmaster hopes xiaoxiao will work harder in study.The individual first prize.Zhang Xiaoxiao: Medium!Mr. Chang: You have more friends at school, and if you have time at home, you can help your mother do some housework that you can.Zhang Xiaoxiao: Headmaster, I cook a pot every day!Mr. Chang: [laughs] Can you cook?You know how to cook.Zhang Xiaoxiao: I helped my mother wash the dishes.In the New Year, Xiaoxiao also has some words to say to her loving elders who have been helping her: “Uncle, aunt, grandpa and grandma, thank you for supporting me all the time. I wish you a happy New Year.Thank you for caring about us every day. I wish you good health and all the best!”[Editor: Zeng Xuan] [Source: wechat official number of Voice of China]