Looking forward to September | tianjin baodi station formally putting-in-service proactively!

2022-07-01 0 By

At present, the construction of intercity railway Baodi South station is speeding up, to ensure that the three high-speed railway stop hub station officially put into use in September this year.Jingtang railway Baodi South station project deputy manager introduced, the seventh, eighth day began to enter the workers, the final entry of more than 230 people.After the workers enter the site, they will carry out the construction of steel structure and the decoration of the station house immediately. It is expected to complete the work of the station house by the end of August, so as to ensure the opening of Baodi South Station in September.Baodi South Station is located in chaoyang street, on the south side of Chaobai River, between Jinwei highway and Jinji railway. It is a stop-over hub station for Beijing-Tang, Beijing-bin and Jincheng intercity railway planning. The station adopts three intercity railway stations layout, and the total planning scale is 4 sets of 10 lines.At present, the main construction has been basically completed.Baodi South Station area is an area radiating outward from the core of Baodi South Station. The planning scope reaches Houwei Road, Jingtang Road and Planning Road in the south, Xincang Road and Planning Road in the west, and Chaobai River in the north.Located in the administrative division, the high-speed railway area is an important part of the urban area and the new gate of Baodi. After completion, baodi New City will be driven to the south of Chaobai River.In terms of location and transportation, it is a large-scale transportation hub at the intersection of beijing-Tangshan, Beijing-Binhai and Jin-Chengcheng high-speed railways.In terms of industrial functions, the high-speed railway station will focus on the development of business and headquarters economy, promote high-tech research and development, and build beijing-Tianjin-Hebei business meeting room and green ecological innovative central vitality zone.Baodi South Station functions as “one axis drive”, which extends the main axis of the city and runs through the northern and southern areas of chaobai River and main functional areas along Jinwei Road.The second is “core guidance”, that is, around the South Railway Station, business service core should be formed before and after the station;The third is the development of “two belts”, that is, relying on the urban space along the river and the intercity line, to create riverside leisure belt and innovative industrial belt;Fourth, “district reflect”, namely, to build livable urban areas and riverside intelligent areas with business services as the core.Baodi South Station is an important part of the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei rail transit network. After the opening of Baodi South Station, the beijing-Tianjin-Tangshan rapid transit corridor will be opened, and the contact between Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei will be closer.It plays an important role in implementing the national strategy of coordinated development of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, undertaking the relocation of Beijing’s non-capital functions, driving the economic and social development of the region along the line, and enhancing the overall competitiveness and cohesion of Baodi.