Why did some hangzhou citizens’ health code change to “orange code”?How to turn “green”?

2022-07-01 0 By

The health code of some city residents in Hangzhou has become “orange code”, how to become “green”?According to relevant news reports in Zhejiang province, where did the epidemic prevention and control in Hangzhou learn the information? From the early morning of this morning, January 29, 2022, the health code of hangzhou city residents living in the prevention area gradually changed to “orange”.So why are these health codes “orange”?The responsible person of Hangzhou Epidemic prevention and control Headquarters explained in detail that in view of the current severe situation of the epidemic, Hangzhou adjusted the health code assignment standard for urban residents in the prevention area in order to more accurately strengthen the epidemic prevention and control work.So how do you make “orange code” green?From now on, “orange code” city residents will be tested once a day for three days. If the results are negative, the system will automatically change the health code to green.This is also to remind city residents in the prevention area to take the initiative to take nucleic acid tests, and to quickly calm down the quiet place through the joint efforts of the masses, so as to reduce the risk of the spread of the epidemic.So the “orange code” urban residents can buy something to go out to work and life, in accordance with the prevention and control system, the need to go out, not need to go out, if any, have determined that also don’t access to urban public transport, also don’t go into the crowd gathering spots, if see some symptoms, to strengthen the self prevention and control at the same time, must be reported immediately to the committee.So next, I will lend you hangzhou city’s prevention bureau, you can have a look.Go hangzhou!