How much of the defensive load does Wiggins really carry for Klay?

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Two serious injuries, both of the kind that can destroy a player’s career, you said that had no impact on Klay, I absolutely do not believe, the speed of the lateral, jump height, shooting rhythm and overcoming the mental barrier, each of which has a critical impact on klay’s performance.In terms of the number of games he played, shooting rhythm and overcoming psychological problems were not bad, but the speed of the lateral movement and the height of the jump were really no longer in those days. The decline of the height of the jump did not have a big impact on Clay, who was not high in the jump. The main impact was reflected in the release point and preparation time of shooting after catching and shooting.His lateral speed has slowed to a point where he can no longer be the warriors’ first line of defense. In the past, Klay would have been the Warriors’ first choice to guard Kyrie Irving and James Harden, but now wiggins has the burden.So how much of the defensive load does Wiggins carry for Klay?I’ve thought about it for a long time, and I can finally sum up how much pressure Wiggins is taking for Klay on defense, and that’s how much pressure Wiggins is taking for Klay on defense.Progress seen on the defensive end this season, garage, guard ranked first in defensive efficiency also don’t say what, after all, individual defensive efficiency greatly will be affected by the team’s overall defense, but if can reach the first, the only can see from this cold data pool the input values on the defensive end of the season.It may also be a compromise for Curry and the Warriors to not rely on Klay to guard the offensive arrows as much as he did before, or even to take the pressure off klay on certain possessions.Well, going too far, here are some ways wiggins took the pressure off Clay.Klay’s 3.5 rebounds, 0.64 steals, and 0.45 blocks are the basis of klay’s defense in the 11 games in which he averaged 23.5 minutes per game. However, if you look at klay’s quality of defense and the number of assist sweeps,You’ll find klay on the defensive end of the change is a completely different person.Due to the limited data sample (11 matches), some of the data cannot fully explain the problem. The following is just my personal opinion on the data itself. If there is any inadequacy, please point out in the comments.Converted to 36 minutes, the clay in the 11 games squeeze through their opponents cover number less than before the injured nearly half, based on the premise of clay’s defensive consciousness does not decline, it can only say that because there were no recovery footwork speed, so this is not the he specialises in now in the footsteps of movement speed of the ball on the attacker is a little hard,At first there will be a screen and the defender will lose track.Warriors and himself in the face of this problem has the optimal solution, that is before the opponent ball man has not yet been launched holding pick-and-roll, with wiggins stay in advance, let wiggins to go head-to-head with the opponent’s attack arrow, ball core, clay is to face the defender who is not fast, even on three 4 swing defense, with the power to make up for the lack of speed.In addition, opponents’ field goal percentage under Klay’s defense is flat or slightly higher than their average, and when it comes to limiting opponents’ field goal percentage, it’s a big difference from what it was before Klay’s injury.Generally speaking, Klay is under a lot of pressure to be the first guard on the perimeter, but he can still contribute to the Warriors’ defensive system with his old sense of defense and defensive positioning. Although he is not a gate, he is not a hole.Wiggins’ presence helps Clay solve the problem of defending a single strong opponent, and it is because of his presence that Clay is able to be full on the offensive end.