The policy has changed: prime farmland is not allowed for farming projects, and the amount of land used is strictly controlled

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In 2019, when the price of pork rose, the department of natural resources said: Cancel the upper limit of 15 mu of land for ancillary facilities of pig breeding;Agricultural and rural departments: suspend the implementation of breeding site selection distance provisions;Forest grass branch express oneself: breeding field can occupy woodland.Can not afford to eat pork, each department for the farm is a big green light.On December 17, 2019, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the Ministry of Natural Resources issued the Notice on Issues related to the Management of Land used for Facility Agriculture (Natural Resources Regulation no.4 2019), which stipulates that facility agriculture belongs to the internal structural adjustment of agriculture and can use general farmland without the implementation of the balance of occupation and supplement.Permanent basic farmland may be used if planting facilities do not damage the tillage layer of cultivated land without rezoning.Where the plowing layer of cultivated land is destroyed but it is difficult to avoid permanent basic farmland due to its location, permanent basic farmland is allowed to be used but must be delimited.Permanent capital farmland shall not be used for breeding facilities in principle. If a small amount of permanent capital farmland is involved, it is allowed to be used but must be added.See the new policy, which allows farming projects to occupy a small amount of permanent prime farmland.Still less than two years time, facility agriculture land policy produced new major change again.On November 27, 2021, the National Forestry and Grassland Administration of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of the Ministry of Natural Resources issued the Notice on Issues related to Strict Control of Cultivated Land Use (Natural Resources Development (2021) No. 166), which comprehensively tightened the policy of facility agricultural land and put forward strict requirements:First, it is strictly prohibited to occupy permanent basic farmland to build livestock and poultry breeding facilities, aquaculture facilities and planting facilities that destroy the tillage floor;Second, we will strictly control the use of general arable land for the construction of agricultural facilities such as new rural roads, livestock and poultry breeding facilities, aquaculture facilities and planting facilities that destroy the tillage layer.If necessary, it shall be approved and conform to relevant standards.In other words, future farming projects will not be allowed to use permanent prime farmland, even if a small amount can be reclaimed.In addition, the area occupied by general arable land should also be strictly controlled and the balance between access and access should be implemented.Of course, it is the responsibility of county-level governments to implement the “balance between import and export” policy.The new land policy will have a great impact on the breeding industry.It is mainly around the existing village, both sides of the road are basically designated as permanent basic farmland, a village available general arable land was not much.Since last year, a nationwide campaign has been launched to tackle the problem of new farming projects that occupy permanent basic farmland, especially in places that have already formed a certain industrial scale.From the previous policy provisions, after all, there was still room to allow additional deductions, but the new policy completely blocked this gap.In other words, as long as permanent prime farmland is occupied, there is no choice but to demolish it.Take up general arable land to make breeding project, before the policy is relatively loose, put on record by the township, and can “get on the car first after the pay ticket”.In sanitary law enforcement, facilities agricultural projects that occupy general farmland but fail to go through the filing procedures are only required to “supervise and urge the filing”.But the new policy uses the word “approval” for farming projects that use ordinary land and require them to meet relevant standards.In fact, the most important thing is to put the picture into storage.The township is responsible for the record, and the above image is put into storage by the department of natural resources. It is not recognized in the management if it is put on record but not put into storage.Do not recognize is to say that you this breeding project belongs to the occupation of arable land building behavior.In addition, requirements for planting projects in facility agriculture have also been tightened, mainly to prevent damage to the tilling floor.The cultivation facilities of the tillage layer shall be destroyed, the occupation of permanent basic farmland shall be strictly prohibited, and the occupation of general farmland shall be strictly controlled.It seems that the new national and provincial policies on protected agricultural land will have to be revised in accordance with the regulation of farmland use and the implementation of the new requirements of “access balance”.