Attention, ATM machine starts “new function”!Withdrawal “new way” is online, try it

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Foreword In the past few years, when the economy was booming, many people were living very handsomely.Eat, drink, and be merry, and not worry about tomorrow.Even if some people are trying to save, they will soon be spent and will not be able to save much money at all.And after last year’s events, more and more people began to wake up to the fact that enjoying life is definitely not good.You need to save more money for yourself and your family.When people begin to approach the bank, they find that the business of the bank is actually different from their influence.After all, many people have not been to the bank for at least a year or two as online payment methods become more and more convenient.Some people may not even know where their bank cards are.After all, in the Internet age, people only need to tap their fingers to complete a series of transfers and payments, not much operation at all.Even the payment of wages, are directly sent to the bank card, many people through their mobile phones, you can clearly know the situation of wages to the account.Even if some people want to tell the difference between a pay card and their own savings card, they just need to click their finger.First of all, put the money in the salary card to wechat or Alipay, and then put the money into the special deposit card.Such a simple, portable operation has turned many people away from banks.And after planning to deposit money now, the majority of people heading for the bank, also just for filling do a piece of his bank card.Or take some cash out and use it to reduce the number of times you pay online.After all, it’s easy to accidentally overspend when paying online.And when you’re using cash, you’re more careful.As well as people changing, banks are adapting to The Times.As mobile payment becomes more and more popular, the business of banks is also affected.In addition to some state-owned banks, many small banks have begun to move online, and with the improvement of our national system, some small banks can not even mix on the network.As self-service devices were developed, banks began to have smaller stores and fewer staff.Because originally three or four salesmen, now only need one is enough.At the same time the division of labor of each business of the bank also becomes more and more clear, for example the pay window of social insurance cost, fill do bank card to wait a moment.But even as banks continue to improve, fewer people have visited them in recent years.Many banks, which once had huge customer bases and were swamped with daily business, are now relaxed, sometimes going an entire day without seeing anyone.This is not only because of online payment, but also because of the ubiquitous and convenient ATM.As the name suggests, ATM’s main business is to deposit and withdraw money.Because these two services can be regarded as the most common services in the bank. If everyone had to go to the counter to deposit and withdraw money, how busy would the staff be?Atms made banks much more efficient, but developers wondered if such a sophisticated machine would be overqualified for just depositing and withdrawing money.With this in mind, they have added yet more features to atMs.When using the ATM, the only thing that must be used, besides the bank card, is the personal ID card.But many people sometimes forget their ID cards and are unable to use cash machines.At the same time, some old people, after getting old, it is also difficult to operate the ATM, or can not remember the password, forget to bring id cards and so on.With that in mind, the ATM developers added a facial recognition feature.This feature can greatly increase the security of withdrawing money.Because that way, even if someone knows your password, they can’t get past facial recognition.At the same time, the increase of this measure can also greatly increase the probability of catching telecom fraud criminals.Telecom fraud usually involves tricking victims into transferring money to their own cards and then withdrawing the money themselves.Now, it’s not so easy to get that money out.Imagine a telecom fraudster, who has just swindled a sum of money, going to the bank to withdraw it directly from the ATM, only to find that facial recognition is required.He was instantly in an awkward position, because if he didn’t access facial recognition, he wouldn’t be able to get his money out, and it was a lie.But if facial recognition is used, how is that any different than turning yourself in?Conclusion In addition to facial recognition, atMs have a new feature.The ability to take money out of Social Security quickly is certainly a nice new feature.Because many old people are getting social security money when, it is taking social security card to counter deal with.After the ATM has this new function, it will make the elderly a lot more convenient.Note: ATM starts “new function”!Withdrawal “new way” is online, try it