P90 submachine gun can penetrate body armor, our army almost equipped, fortunately not as a dupe

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See the submachine gun the foreigner demonstrated?The p90 submachinegun is so powerful that it can penetrate body armor, it was almost a drop away from becoming our standard weapon, but it didn’t work.When it comes to p90 submachine guns, he’s probably older than many.The P90 was developed in 1990 when the Belgian army decided to develop a smaller, more powerful gun for urban warfare.Let’s see how this gun feeds.Its biggest characteristic is the shooting precision is very high, the rate of fire is very fast.Each magazine can hold up to 50 rounds, ensuring that you have a continuous fire output.It can also be equipped with a special 5.7mm bullet that can penetrate any current layer of body armor in the world within 50m.We purchased a small quantity of P90 submachine guns in 1994 and found them quite good after using them.Although he can’t go into battle and throw bayonets, his 50-round magazine is pretty good for a high-level interior guard.It’s a shame the Belgians are so smart, they offered to give you the guns for free, but you have to buy the bullets from us.That is to say, similar to today’s printer, I can sell the printer to you, even free, but the consumables you have to use mine.We are not stupid, how can we be such a dupe.But it was quite good, and the black uncles in Africa, for example, liked it very much, and they met the Belgian requirements.The reason is simple, because they can’t produce not only guns, but nuclear bullets, and if they give them away for free, they’re happy to do it.