The academician made a decision to let a box of life-saving medicine sell for only 290 yuan

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Wang Zhenyi, a renowned hematologist and academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, is 98 years old this year, but he still insists on weekly ward rounds. Earlier, he gave up applying for a patent for a box of life-saving medicine, which can now be sold for only 290 YUAN.In the late 1980s, acute promyelocytic leukemia was still the most dangerous form of leukemia. In order to solve this problem, Wang Zhenyi led his team to overcome difficulties.Struggle for eight years to a “kill tumor cells damage to normal cells” therapy “abandon evil reformed” guide tumor cells make acute young myelogenous leukaemia early human history’s first cancer treatment can be cured of cancer in order to make more patients get treatment if the start but gave up an application for a patent for public benefit of patients around the world in our country,The 10-pill box of leukemia “lifesaving medicine” costs only 290 yuan so far and is covered by medical insurance.”The first thing to do is to solve the patient’s problems, AND I only want the patient to get well.” Academician Wang Zhenyi, 98, still sticks to his post. He calls ward round an “open-book exam”.Spend three days for a case if you refer to more than 200 articles were made more than 30 pages PPT since 2003, the “an open-book exam” wang come rain or shine to today “is an open-book exam I enjoy an open-book exam after come back feel I finished today’s work” the day before a ward round if you accidentally broke his waist at the time,In 2020, Academician Wang Zhenyi won the Future Science Prize “Life Science Prize”. He expressed his desire to give the prize to young people and donated all the million yuan prize money to the Foundation for Poverty Alleviation.The prize money he won was more than 10 million yuan and almost all of it was donated. Mr. Wang was frugal all his life and now he still lives in a flat provided by the hospital. Mr. Wang said that this house would be returned to the hospital after he was 100 years old.Academician Wang Zhenyi once said, “We should be ambitious and enthusiastic like peony, but we should be very light on fame and wealth.” Wang Lao’s birthday wish this year is still “to make some contributions to mankind” salute!Source/CCTV News © Yuanmou Rong Media Center