The project of inspection and Testing Center of Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences has passed the completion acceptance of planning

2022-07-03 0 By

Recently, the Natural resources Bureau of the New District organized relevant personnel to complete the planning and acceptance of the inspection and Testing Center project of the Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences.Approved by the Institute of Planning and verified by relevant units on site, the construction area, building elevation and floor area ratio of the project meet the requirements of site detailed planning, and the project has successfully passed the completion acceptance of planning.The project of Inspection and Testing Center of Institute of Modern Physics, Chinese Academy of Sciences is the first phase of the Innovation Pioneer Park of Large scientific devices of INSTITUTE of Modern Physics, which is supported by the integration fund of strategic emerging industry development in 2017 of Gansu Province (200 million yuan).The project is located in the north of Weiqi Road, south of Weiwu Road, west of Jingqi Road and east of Jingliu Road in Zhongchuan Park, Lanzhou New Area, covering an area of 46.33 mu, with a total construction area of 21,700 square meters and an investment of about 225 million yuan.It is reported that the completion of the project will greatly improve China’s large-scale medical equipment testing strength and testing efficiency, improve production quality, speed up testing, to provide strong support for scientific and technological innovation.After completion, the center will become a first-class professional testing laboratory for the performance and safety of medical accelerators in China, the largest and highest level of electrical safety and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) laboratory in the field of accelerators in China, and the first civil standard radiation measuring station in northwest China.Lanzhou Daily full media reporter Zhang Jianping editor BAO Xuefeng