Yuhang, Hangzhou, has built a “temperature” defense line against the epidemic

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Hangzhou at 5 o ‘clock in the morning of heavy snow, in hangzhou Yuhang street in the road has rows of different shades of footprints.In the early morning of January 28, Yuhang Street started nucleic acid testing for all its staff at some important points under its jurisdiction.A “joint force” composed of party members, cadres, grid members, corridor length, volunteers and other forces quickly began to fight, lateral to the side, multi-platform multi-directional guidance, publicity, service.After several hours of continuous battle, the morning sun slowly shines into the various detection points, and the “joint forces” has completed the nucleic acid collection task.Although the staff members are tired and stiff with cold, when they hear the residents say, “Thank you for your hard work,” their faces will be happy and proud, and their hearts will be warm.”Because of the epidemic prevention and control, there are many families whose children are not around, so I treat them as my own family and care for them.”A residential corridor long said, to ensure that the elderly living alone, women in distress, left-behind children and other special groups such as clothing, food, housing, medical treatment, life supplies and other needs in place, is the most important work of residential corridor staff and volunteers.At present, the community has established intimate service groups on wechat and Dingding channels to provide daily care and family companionship for residents in need.The tiredness of the staff is seen in the eyes of the residents of the community.January 29 morning, warm-hearted residents bring in the nucleic acid testing point inside the electric heater, warm baby supplies, such as heating for nucleic acid testing point of the staff to create a warm and comfortable: “epidemic prevention and control what we can’t help busy, the weather is so cold, can only do things to thank.”In this fight against the virus, community workers, district volunteers and enthusiastic residents have formed a strong joint force to fight against the epidemic and warm each other together.The person in charge of Yuhang street said that since the outbreak of the epidemic in Hangzhou, yuhang street has formed a strong anti-epidemic atmosphere of uniting as one and overcoming difficulties together. Everyone regards epidemic prevention and control as their own responsibility and actively contributes their own strength.In the next step, the streets will continue to provide “three services”, strengthen the life guarantee and pressure relief for frontline epidemic prevention workers and their families, and strengthen the key defense line of mass prevention and control with warm prevention and control, so as to win the battle of epidemic prevention and control.(Original title “You for my epidemic prevention, I give you warmth! Hangzhou Yuhang snow built a” temperature “anti-epidemic defense line!).