Gansu Hezheng fossils have four faunal groups and six of the world’s largest

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Source:Photo/North of Dusi, The Hesheng area is the largest area of late Cenozoic mammal fossils in Eurasia. The fossils produced here have so far created six world’s largest:The world’s first fossil of the Quaternary woolly rhinoceros the world’s largest fossil of the true horse Ezewalskii the world’s largest fossil of the hyena giant hyena belong to 3 classes 8 orders more than 150 species.Four different mammal groups belong to the late Cenozoic era, which are buried in four different lithologic strata in Hezheng area, occupying six of the world’s largest.That is, the world’s unique Hezheng sheep, the world’s largest fossil site of three-toe horse, the world’s most abundant forkdodon fossil — forkdodon skull ontogeny series, the world’s earliest quaternary hairy rhinoceros skull fossil, the world’s largest true horse — Estrus horse and the world’s largest hyena — giant hyena.Fossilized saber-toothed tiger skull