Typical case study to promote professional ability, xinghe County people’s Procuratorate young police in action

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On the morning of April 2nd, the youth theory team of Xinghe County Procuratorate carried out a study and discussion of positive and positive typical cases on optimizing the law-based business environment, in order to carry out the discussion of optimizing the law-based business environment of regional political and legal organs, deepen the reform by case, and further improve the professional learning ability of young police officers.Conference, young policemen are closely around the head of ulanchap printing on the release of positive and negative “optimization under the rule of law to do business” typical case notice within the file attachment to nine side with typical cases and the other typical cases discussion, everyone together their own responsibility, contact work reality, discuss, in turn, has carried on the speech,Deeply talked about their own understanding and experience.Everybody agreed, as youth procuratorial policemen, to understand deeply the significance of optimization under the rule of law to do business, under the rule of law to do business in procuratorial practice, must adhere to the responsibility set in, the pendulum is in, and his work in, based on the procuratorial organs work center and the main business, focused on the optimization under the rule of law business environment and market main body needs,Give full play to the vigor of youth and vigour, learn more, think more, understand more and more, from each enterprises case, at best, take concrete actions, improve supervision and handling ability, improving the judicial case quality, rigorous, self-disciplined, warm, attentive to his work, with a strong sense of urgency to strengthen public servant,We will effectively shift the focus of our work to service, and contribute our youthful procuratorial power to creating a more fair, transparent and stable law-based business environment.In the future, Xinghe County Procuratorate will carry out regular youth police typical case study and discussion activities.By learning research, adhere to the theory with practice, mutual complement each other, trying to make up for weaknesses, ability and experience board blind area of knowledge, will study concludes new experience, new approach is applied to the work practice, constantly consolidate the basic ability of handling the case, efforts to achieve the contradiction resolving, the franco-prussian propaganda, open and fair, study the growth effect of four unifies,Do the basic work, improve the basic ability, with the young procurator police force to protect the peace and construction.