Luoyang has many people arrested again!The Lantern Festival is coming, remember to ban the sale of fireworks

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The Lantern Festival is approaching, Luoyang public security issued a document to remind the general public again, ban the sale of fireworks provisions no!Can!!!!Forget!In recent period, Luoyang public security further increased efforts to investigate and punish key areas to carry out regular patrols and severely investigate illegal transportation, storage, sales, setting off fireworks and firecrackers illegal behavior, please see the typical case below!Case 1 On February 4, the Science park police station of Luolong Branch of Luoyang Public Security Bureau found someone selling fireworks and firecrackers in a community square during their patrol and inspection.The police scene will be confiscated fireworks and firecrackers, and according to law will be illegal liu summoned to the police station for investigation.After inquiry, Liu confessed to selling fireworks and firecrackers.Science park police station according to law to the illegal person Liu made administrative detention punishment.Case 2 On February 4, Luoyang City Public Security Bureau West branch of public security management brigade, patrol brigade joint Hongshan police station to carry out safety inspection of the area, found that hongshan community a small shop illegally stored a small amount of fireworks, police immediately summoned the shop head Wang to the police station.After investigation, Wang mou to its illegal storage, sales of fireworks and firecrackers illegal behavior confessed.On the same day, wang was detained by public security organs in accordance with the law.Case 3 On February 2, the police of Shuizhai Police Station of Yichuan County Public Security Bureau in Luoyang city inspected a store in Shuizhai Town and found that fireworks were illegally stored in the store for sale without a business license.The police will store director Song mou summons to the public security organs to accept investigation.After the inquiry, Song confessed to illegal trading, storage of dangerous substances, public security organs on the illegal person song was punished by administrative detention.Case 4 On January 30, the police of Zhai Town Police Station of Yanshi Sub-bureau of Luoyang Public Security Bureau found in the fire safety inspection that fireworks and firecrackers were stored in a village of Zhai Town, which had great security risks.After the investigation, the supermarket director Liu mou on its storage, sales of fireworks and firecrackers illegal behavior confessed, public security organs to its punishment of administrative detention.Case 5 On January 30, Luoyang Ruyang County Public Security Bureau Fudian police station police in the area of inspection, found a supermarket operator Pan storage room illegal storage of fireworks, police will pan summoned to the public security organs for investigation.Pan mou to its illegal storage, sales of fireworks and firecrackers illegal acts confessed, public security organs according to law to Pan mou administrative detention punishment.Case 6 On January 30, The Lion Temple police station of Luanchuan County Public Security Bureau in Luoyang city found 17 pieces of fireworks, such as firecrackers, Flanders and thunder, stored in a shop of the town.Classics check, it is the explosive dangerous goods that shopkeeper Deng mou buys and sells illegally, transport, store.The police confiscated fireworks and firecrackers in accordance with the law, and punished the violator Deng with administrative detention.Case 7 Recently, Luoyang Xin ‘an County Public Security Bureau Chengguan police station to receive people reported that someone set off fireworks.Police will be on the scene illegal zhao was seized, the scene captured 63 small fireworks, 37 big fireworks, 8 boxes of small goldfish, 9 black boss gun, 16 spider man gun, 1 Haribo gun, 38 mouse king gun.Public security organs impose administrative detention on Zhao according to law.Source: Pingan Luoyang