Spring Festival not closed Taojiang County public Security Bureau Niutanhe police station to escort the development of enterprises in the area

2022-07-05 0 By

Police check enterprise security measures.Rednet moment Yiyang February 4 news (correspondent Wang Peng Chen Caihong) to strengthen the police enterprise exchange, better service area enterprise development.On February 2nd, the Niutanhe police Station of Taojiang County public Security Bureau launched a New Year’s visit to provide advice and escort for the development of enterprises.The police of Niutanhe police Station of Taojiang County Public Security Bureau went deep into the enterprises under their jurisdiction respectively, and through discussions with the persons in charge and employees of the enterprises, they actively understood the production and operation conditions of the enterprises, listened to the opinions and suggestions of the police station on public security management, service enterprise development, service economic construction and other aspects, and recorded them one by one.Timely report to the Park Administrative Committee and relevant departments the problems and difficulties that cannot be solved within the scope of public security responsibilities.Visit, police also on whether the system of security in the enterprise internal implement, security facilities are complete, such as various types of fire equipment are in good condition and effective situation has carried on the detailed inspection, at the same time to the enterprise employees of guard against theft, fraud prevention, fire prevention, anti cheat other knowledge, to improve the enterprise internal security consciousness, strengthen their ability to guard against.