The national football team 1-3 Vietnam, no less humiliating than 1-5 Thailand, Chen Xuyuan should be dismissed voluntarily, poor management ability

2022-07-05 0 By

Beijing time on February 2, the annual lunar calendar, on the last night, is the country’s fans difficult, Chinese team lost to Vietnam team 3-1 on the road, the game ends, thoroughly Chinese football to play in the World Cup finals in Qatar, and the stigma of the defeat, absolutely no less than 1 to 5 lost to Thailand, the men came to bone moment, who is responsible for?Chinese football must make a choice!In the face of the Vietnam team, China team lost 2 goals in the first half, the second half was the opponent world wave goal, directly 0-3 behind, in the stoppage period Xu Xin scored a face-saving goal, but also can not change the Reality of China 3-1 defeat, but also tore off the FIG leaf of Chinese football, face are not!The first leg of the game, Li Tie coached the National football team 3-2 to beat Vietnam, the game was very lucky, The Chinese men’s football team won very lucky, this game Li Xiaopeng coached, pants lost, 1-3 lost with the World Cup completely missed, as the head coach Li Xiaopeng, he proved with practical action: coaching level is not as good as Li Tie!Therefore, Li Xiaopeng must be responsible for this humiliating defeat.So as a manager, football association high-level don’t responsible for it?Also responsible!Beijing Youth Daily reporter Xiao blush asked: “Ridiculous, pathetic, China team such a humiliating defeat, who should be responsible or the main responsibility, but not clear, blame Li Xiaopeng?Blame the players?Blame Chen Xuyuan?Who else?”There is no doubt that as the football association chairman of Mr Chen, is the principal, the broad masses of fans for his criticism is a wave of high a wave, became fa chairman from 2019 to now, more than three years of time, is the destruction of the Chinese football for 3 years, league crash, youth in chaos, large national team training, no one is normal.Chen Shuyuan was dancing in a circle when the top 40 qualified, and he led the team in the top 12. This spirit deserves praise, but it cannot cover up his poor management skills and short-sighted policy implementation. Sadly, he will remain in office until 2023, let’s look at it this way: Chinese football is really hopeless.No big break, the courage to burn Bridges, Chinese football really can’t save!Failure will be responsible for, failure will be someone out of the blame to pay, even change the courage of the FOOTBALL association, Chinese football how to save?