China’s space ministry is preparing for more than 50 launches this year

2022-07-06 0 By

This year, China’s space industry is still busy, the number of launches will exceed 50. At the beginning of the New Year, various types of rockets and spacecraft are busy developing, producing and preparing for launch at various launch sites and factories.In Wenchang, South China’s Hainan Province, a long March-8 rocket is undergoing pre-launch tests. China’s new-generation medium carrier rocket will be launched between late February and early March.It will launch 22 satellites at a time, which will set a record for the largest number of satellites launched in China at a time.Wu Yitian, deputy chief designer of the Long March 8 carrier rocket at the First Institute of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, said: “The sub-system test of the Chang 8 rocket is under way. According to the progress of the sub-system test and data interpretation, the sub-system test results are normal and the whole rocket is under control.China will complete the construction of its space station with six missions this year.At present, type III carrier rockets for the construction of the space station are ready for launch.Jing Muchun, commander of the Long March-2F carrier rocket with the First Institute of China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, said: “The yao-15 rocket is undergoing final assembly testing in the final assembly testing plant. After all the work is completed, it will be transported to jiuquan Satellite Launch Base for launch.In space, the three astronauts spent the Year of the Tiger on board the space station.At the beginning of the New Year, astronauts on the ground also put into a new round of flight control and guarantee tasks.At the Beijing Space Information Transmission Center, astronauts in charge of space-based tracking and control support of the space station checked and confirmed the status of the tianlian satellite system. With their support, the dynamics of the Chinese space station are under the control of the ground almost every moment.Ma Chao, an engineer with the Comprehensive Planning Department of Beijing Space Information Transmission Center, said: “Thanks to the characteristics of the Tianlian satellite, such as large coverage, long transmission time and high transmission rate, the space station has completed communication between earth and earth, exit activities and teaching in space with the support of the tianlian satellite.In the future, the Satellite will also provide space-based TTC and data relay services for the launch, rendezvous and docking, in-orbit construction and assembly of the space station module and various spacecraft.Responsible editor: Yu Yawen Source :46 CCTV news client