Was America’s moon landing a conspiracy?Korea found the answer with a gram of moon rock donated by the United States

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The Rijksmuseum has a “moon rock”, which was given to Willem Drees as a gift. It was one of several pieces donated to the Rijksmuseum after His death in 1988.In fact, it’s not surprising that the Rijksmuseum has this piece, because 380kg of moon rocks were brought back from the Moon after the Apollo missions.To show off, the United States cut the moon rock into many small pieces and gave them to every country in the world and to every American state and territory.The Rijksmuseum has kept the moon rock carefully since it was acquired by the late prime minister’s family and is rarely put on display because it is so precious.It wasn’t until 2006 that the moon rock came to the attention of an expert when it was presented as alien in a local “Space Exploration” exhibition.Experts believe it is not a real moon rock, as the plaque dates the gift to three months after the Apollo 11 moon landing, but say it is impossible for the US to give such a large piece of moon rock at such a short time.On August 27, 2009, the Rijksmuseum officially confirmed to the public that the moon rock was indeed a fake, and that it was just a piece of petrified wood.If the moon rocks in the Rijksmuseum collection are fakes, is the age-old myth that the American moon landing was a fake really true?Apollo in the 50 s of the last century, the United States and the Soviet union in space between the two countries launched a series of battle, the beginning of the Soviet union in a leading position, the first artificial satellite launched into earth orbit, also will launch into the orbit of the earth, life on earth for the first time the first human to space, in a number of important projects in the “first”.But soon, the United States took advantage, becoming the first nation to put a man on the moon and sending two astronauts to the moon with the Apollo 11 mission.The Two Apollo 11 astronauts carried out scientific missions on the moon, bringing back some lunar rock and leaving some feces on the lunar surface to save the weight of the spacecraft’s ascent module.Apollo 11 was just the beginning. Since then, astronauts have landed on the moon and brought back 380kg of lunar rock from the surface.However, with the collapse of the Former Soviet Union, the United States took the lead in the space field. With no rivals left, the United States did not continue to explore the moon, but stopped sending manned moon landing, and no astronauts have landed on the moon until now.Now the United States has put forward a plan to “return to the moon”, but unfortunately, it has not been successful for various reasons.It has been 50 years since the last time the United States landed on the moon in December 1972. In the past 50 years, human science and technology have made leaps and leaps, and space technology is far more advanced than at that time.While the US can’t repeat the technology it had 50 years ago to put a man on the moon again, was the moon mission really a hoax?In fact, the mainstream scientific community has never been questioned the authenticity of the moon, this is because the man on the moon, on the surface of the moon to install a lot of scientific instruments, such as: laser range reflector array, still running, through the device, we measured the precise distance between the moon and precision of centimeter level.The lunar module is divided into ascending and descending sections. The descending section is permanently left on the lunar surface.The United States also left many flags on the lunar surface, and these flags were photographed by lunar spacecraft as tangible evidence.What’s more, there are human footprints and excrement on the surface of the moon, and they could even be found if people return to the moon.The reason why the moon rock in the Dutch museum is fake is that the family of the moon rock in the Netherlands made a mistake while sorting out their belongings, or the moon rock that the Dutch prime minister received was changed.In addition, China also received a gram of moon rock from the United States, and used this gram of moon rock to prove the authenticity of the United States landing on the moon.In 1978, the United States also donated a gram of moon rock to Our country, which was divided into two parts. One was put on display in a museum, and the other was given to Mr. Ouyang Ziyuan and his team for research.With just 0.5 grams of moon rock, Ouyang has published 14 papers, not only figuring out which Apollo moon rock came from, but also whether the moon rock is on the sunny side or the dark side.Why is it So hard for the US to return to the Moon?Although the United States was able to go to the moon in the last century, it must be said that returning to the moon is now fraught with problems.First of all, the United States extraveular space suit is not enough, extraveular space suit is actually equivalent to a mini spacecraft, and is fitted with the astronauts of the mini spacecraft, it not only has a life support system, such as: oxygen, a certain pressure, but also to keep out the cosmic radiation, maintain body temperature, etc.Unfortunately, although the United States once had Eva spacesuit technology, but the technology is lost, although today’s intensive research and development, but a total investment of more than $1 billion, so far has not developed a wearable Eva spacesuit.More regrettably, the United States wanted to blockade our country, did not expect that Our country has independent research and development of Eva spacesuit, but they are limited to “Wolf clause”, can not carry out technical exchanges with our country.Second, the United States does not have a suitable launch vehicle. In the past, the Rocket used by the United States to carry people to the moon was Saturn V, which can carry more than 100 tons to low Earth orbit.But the United States has not launched a heavy rocket in recent years, and the Falcon Heavy has a payload capacity of just over 60 tons, making it difficult to support manned lunar missions.That is to say, the United States wants to manned return to the moon, there are many problems, in the short term is difficult to achieve.