Boli County zhilao Zhilong Nursing home epidemic prevention and control network

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In order to ensure the safety and health of the elderly, Boli County implemented closed management of nursing homes in accordance with the deployment requirements of epidemic prevention and control.Civil affairs authorities have set up a leading team for epidemic control and a supervision and inspection team for epidemic prevention, with eight special teams. Under the mechanism of “one hospital, one policy”, 18 nursing homes are inspected randomly every day to ensure that regulations and measures for epidemic prevention are in place.Institutions for the elderly are on duty 24 hours a day for epidemic prevention and control, and their staff are on shift 14 days a day. Closed and closed-loop management is carried out to strengthen health protection, do a good job in health monitoring, and strictly implement prevention and control measures such as registration, code scanning and temperature measurement, as well as the “daily report” and “zero report” systems.Actively coordinated with health departments, and coordinated mobile COVID-19 vaccination vehicles to provide door-to-door vaccination services for elderly people in old-age care institutions.Before vaccination, medical staff carefully check the basic conditions of the elderly such as hypertension and diabetes, and vaccinate the elderly who meet the vaccination conditions and their families and the consent of the elderly, so that the elderly feel at ease, comfortable, warm heart, rest assured vaccination.Provide TV, radio, reading and other cultural entertainment services for the elderly in the hospital, and use telephone and Internet to provide family communication services between the elderly and their relatives, relieve anxiety and fear, and guide them to keep normal work and rest and live a regular life.Boli County will further refine and improve epidemic prevention and control measures in nursing homes, promote vaccination for the elderly in the hospital, and continuously increase the COVID-19 vaccination rate of the elderly over 60 years old, so as to build a “firewall” for epidemic prevention and control, and resolutely fight the battle against the epidemic in nursing homes.Reporter: Huang Xiaohui Editor: Luan Hao Review: Zhang Jinhua Overall planning: Qiu Dongmei 2022.3.30 China Qitaihe Key recommendation Li Bing: To do all the work of spring farming production for the whole year of agricultural production to start a good step Li Bing:The first plenary meeting of the Municipal Committee of the United Front work leading Group in 2022 was held to ensure the safety of people’s lives and property