Chinese New Year gift!Putian City box 3 million huimin consumption coupons waiting for you to get

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On January 29, according to Fujian Daily · New Fujian client, Putian City Chengxiang District launched the special consumption promotion activity of “Fujian Tesco · Fumei Chengxiang” in the first quarter of 2022, and issued 3 million yuan beneficial consumption coupons to the market.Five special activities were launched, including Automobile Tesco, Home Building materials and electrical Tesco, Spring Festival Shopping Tesco, accommodation food Tesco and Tongxin County specialty Tesco, to stimulate the consumption boom of different consumer groups during the festival.”Last night, I got the information about subsidy for car consumption in Chengxiang District. Today, I came to the Mercedes-benz store to see the car. This car I like can enjoy a subsidy of 5,000 YUAN, which is really a good deal.”Yesterday, in putian star Mercedes Benz 4S shop to see the car Yan said.It is reported that during the activity from January 27 to March 15, consumers in 13 car sales enterprises in Chengxiang district to buy seven new cars (including), the unit price of naked car is not less than 50,000 yuan, and have obtained the unified invoice of motor vehicle sales in Chengxiang district, tax and license in the area of individual consumers, can apply for car subsidies.Among them, the naked car unit price of 300,000 yuan (including) or more each car subsidy of 5,000 yuan, the quantity of 60 cars;The unit price of naked car is RMB 100,000 (inclusive) to RMB 300,000 (exclusive), and the subsidy is RMB 4,000 for each car. The quantity is 100.The unit price of naked cars is 50,000 yuan (inclusive) to 100,000 Yuan (exclusive), and the subsidy is 3,000 yuan for each car. The quantity is 100.In order to expand the promotion of consumption, the Commercial Bureau of Chengxiang District encourages all shopping malls and supermarkets to carry out online and offline shopping promotion activities in the form of New Year’s Eve shopping, New Year shopping Festival, internal shopping fair, etc., and the holiday consumption market presents a prosperous scene.Among them, the wal-mart launched “up to RMB 199 minus 20 yuan”, yong hui launched “3.9 fold up crazy to buy necessities”, phoenix department launched the “purchase necessities full 100 yuan to 50 yuan coupon” and other activities, attract many consumers to patronize, each business day of sales are a significant growth, yong hui supermarket wanda store 27, the day’s sales is the usual three times.”At present, the supply of all kinds of products in the market is sufficient, which can effectively guarantee the people’s holiday consumption demand.”Yang Zhiwei, director of chengxiang District Commerce Bureau, said that the Spring Festival is approaching, in order to ensure the festival market supply, the district commerce Bureau in the promotion of consumption activities at the same time, but also arranged a special team to intervene in the supermarket and market in advance, scheduling and monitoring the market supply, tracking the market dynamics, the possible abnormal fluctuations of the market timely warning.According to statistics, 14 large supermarkets and 4 key farmers’ markets in Chengxiang district plan to release more than 1200 tons of daily necessities such as meat, eggs and vegetables during the Spring Festival.The market value of tea wine, retail, beverage and other festival products exceeds 70 million yuan;Shoes, clothing, building materials, furniture, home appliances, cars and other popular products during the Spring Festival, the supply of nearly 1 billion yuan.(Source: Fujian Daily client reporter Chen Shengzhong Correspondent Lin Lizhen Chen Jianbin Chen Shaojie)