Two in and three out!Chinese snooker 4-0 after 00, new generation burst, 2 lost champion

2022-07-07 0 By

This morning, the welsh Open qualifier ended the third day of competition, with 3 Chinese snooker players playing 1-2. So far, 2 players have qualified for the tournament and 3 players are out.The overall performance of the new generation is good, Lu Ning, Yuan Sijun hand in hand to advance, the loss of 3 people, Lv Haotian and his opponent to the decider, the other 2 small players are lost to the ranking champion.Lu Ning, who was the first Chinese player to qualify for the final round of last season’s UK Championship, shot 3 shots over 50 to defeat Lee Walker 4-2 on aggregate.Lu is currently ranked 30th in the world ahead of Ding Junhui. She reached the last eight of the British Open this season and reached the champions League group stage.Look forward to the success of the Chinese post-90s in the Welsh Open and continue to improve the ranking.Lv Haotian and Lu Ning went out on the same day, played 7 rounds by Hamilton, blew out a single 112 points still failed, it is a pity.Last night this morning, The Chinese players again 3 games, the result is 1-2.Yuan Sijun, a young player born after 2000 and a surprise finalist in the Gibraltar Open, played 55 points in a single stroke against Patrick. He won 4 games in a row like a storm and swept his opponent 4-0 to advance easily.Yuan Sijun world ranking is not high, fortunately, the opponent strength is limited, unable to make threats to him.Yuan Sijun also became the second Chinese golfer after Lu Ning.Another 2 Chinese new generation player to sign bad luck, encounter ranked championship relay out.Chang bingyu met triple ranking champion Wang Ryan – Dai, the Chinese after 2000 came back from 2 behind 2 times to score 79 and 73 respectively.But Ryan – Dai hand burst, blew out 2 bar to break 100, 4 wins are all single bar to win, 4-2 eliminated Chang Bingyu to advance.Rapfan was up against carter, a four-time ranking champion, whose performance overwhelmed the Rising Chinese star to score a narrow 4-2 win with 67 points to reach the main draw.So far, China snooker in the welsh open qualification 2-3, there are still 13 players to play, including 4 Derby matches, two TOP16 players zhao xintong and yan bingtao qualifiers will be postponed to the main tournament.